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EA invites photography enthusiasts to help in conservation of avian life

18 May 2024 EA invites photography enthusiasts to help in conservation of avian life By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Environment Authority (EA) has launched a photography campaign for the preservation of Oman’s avian diversity.

Titled ‘Feathered birds through the lens of nature lovers’, the campaign seeks to encourage people to come forward to capture the country’s diverse wildlife and stunning natural landscapes with a special focus on birds.

“This initiative specifically focuses on showcasing the avian diversity found in the wilayat of Sohar in North Batinah,” an EA official told Muscat Daily.

“The authority is extending an invitation to environmental enthusiasts and leaders passionate about wildlife to participate in this inaugural initiative. It targets individuals and institutions dedicated to the conservation and appreciation of wildlife and biodiversity across the sultanate,” he elaborated.

Speaking at length, the EA official said that the objective of the initiative is to foster greater environmental consciousness, particularly regarding the birdlife in North Batinah, while providing support to key stakeholders in the environmental sector.

Participants can expect a range of benefits, including specialised training sessions by renowned wildlife photographers, the opportunity to join an exclusive environmental camp to be organised by the authority, and the issuance of experience certificates upon completion of the initiative.

EA has outlined specific eligibility criteria for prospective participants. A participant must be a citizen aged 18 years or above, possessing a camera, and consenting to EA’s ownership of any photos contributed during the initiative.

“Through this programme, Oman is taking proactive steps to preserve its natural heritage and inspire a new generation of environmental stewards dedicated to safeguarding its rich biodiversity.”

Emphasising the vital role of environmental diversity in preserving the habitats of these birds, the authority said that the availability of lakes, creeks, sandy beaches, agricultural land and tidal mudflats in North Batinah governorate offers optimal environments for various bird species.

Notable bird species, which can be seen round the year in North Batinah are gray egret, rock heron, red-cheeked plover, sooty gull, swift tern and common mynah.

The winter visitors include little egret, great egret, little sand plover, little crested tern, red leg sandpiper and water curlew. The summer season attract species like pink tern, common tern and white-cheeked tern.

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