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Co-creating a Blueprint for Innovative Collaboration of ‘New Era’

16 May 2024

Muscat – Chery Beijing Auto Show and Global Dealer Conference was recently held in April, during which Chery’s new development strategy, new technologies, and new vehicle models were unveiled; The theme of this event was ‘New Energy, New Eco, New Era’.

In the face of new challenges and a new environmental context in the global automotive industry, Chery Automobile has actively responded by adopting measures such as the Qpower powertrain architecture, the 4P+2P management model, and the development of an automotive ecosystem to show its unique competitiveness.

Chery has implemented sustainable development technology routes and decarbonization solutions for the entire industry chain and the entire life cycle, adhering to the concepts of “sustainability, innovation, family, and companionship” and an important strategic direction of “green and low carbon.” Through these strategies, the QPower brand has achieved lower production energy consumption and showcased Chery’s future vision of building a green ecosystem.

QPower represents the pinnacle of Chery’s 26-year journey in powertrain technology, evolving into a 4.0 comprehensive architecture that spans the full spectrum of energy types—ICE, PHEV, and BEV.

Chery Automobile is deeply committed to building a brand that resonates with users by putting them at the heart of everything it does. The Company actively seeks out and collaborates with global partners across research and development, production, and sales. This collaborative spirit not only enriches Chery’s offerings but also ensures that wherever you encounter the Chery brand, you’re experiencing the pinnacle of what they stand for.

The construction of Chery’s vehicle ecosystem is not just about optimizing and upgrading individual products but rather about creating a complete and harmonious ecosystem from a deeper and broader perspective. Initially, Chery places a strong emphasis on the aesthetic experience within its vehicle ecosystem. It is deeply ingrained in our understanding that automobiles transcend mere transportation utility, serving as artistic expressions that reflect individuality and refinement. Thus, in the development of Chery’s vehicle ecosystem, we are dedicated to crafting each vehicle as a sensory masterpiece. Ranging from sleek exterior aesthetics to intricate interior detailing, from distinctive paint palettes to cutting-edge technological integrations, Chery impeccably showcases its relentless pursuit and profound comprehension of beauty.

Kantar and Google jointly released the 2023 Chinese Global Brand Builders. Chery is ranked as the best Chinese global brand builder in cars and 14th in the overall list and its brand power has achieved strong growth.

Chery Automobile took the first spot among all Chinese automotive brands in J.D. Power 2023 China Initial Quality StudySM(IQS). For more details please visit

In Oman, Chery vehicles are distributed by Saud Bahwan Group. For the latest Press Releases, Test Drive requests and more, please visit,,, and For any further details & to ascertain the availability of stocks, please visit the Chery Showroom at Wattayah, Mawaleh and Sohar.

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