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Traffic accidents down 35% in Ramadan: ROP

26 Mar 2024

Muscat – The first ten days of Ramadan this year witnessed a notable decrease in traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities, according to the latest statistics from Royal Oman Police’s General Traffic Department. Compared to the corresponding period last year, traffic accidents decreased 35%, with fatalities and injuries dropping 46% and 33%, respectively.

Brig Ali bin Salim al Falahi, Director-General of Traffic, underscored the collective responsibility of society in maintaining road safety and ensuring smooth traffic flow during the holy month. He highlighted the fact that the decrease in accidents is a result of the concerted efforts of all community members.

The month of Ramadan traditionally sees an uptick in traffic due to increased commercial activity, social gatherings and household errands before iftar, contributing to heightened road congestion, he informed.  

Brig Falahi detailed the most common forms of reckless driving observed during Ramadan, including speeding, mobile phone use while driving, incorrect entry onto main roads, and unsafe overtaking practices, particularly on two-way single-lane roads.

Brig Ali bin Salim al Falahi, Director-General of Traffic

Furthermore, the director-general expressed concern over the dangers posed by electric and motorised bikes and bicycles due to improper use and a general lack of traffic awareness. 

He emphasised the need for compliance with traffic regulations, including licensing for motorbike riders, proper cycling attire and adherence to traffic laws of the sultanate.

He also highlighted the critical role of the community, parents and educational institutions in guiding and educating the youth about the dangers of reckless riding and the importance of following traffic rules for their safety and the safety of others.

Brig Falahi commended the community and motorists for their role in enhancing traffic safety through responsible behaviour and adherence to traffic regulations. 

He urged drivers to exercise caution, patience and vigilance to prevent accidents during Ramadan, including proper use of indicators, maintaining safe distance, taking breaks to rest in order to avoid fatigue, and ensuring animals are kept away from public roads to mitigate the risk to road users.

Reiterating ROP’s message, he said, “Vigilance, responsibility and adherence to traffic laws are crucial in sustaining the positive trend in road safety observed during this Ramadan, thereby safeguarding the wellbeing of all road users.”

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