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ROP publishes highway codes handbooks to improve road safety  

25 Mar 2024 ROP publishes highway codes handbooks to improve road safety By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – In a concerted effort to mitigate traffic accidents and promote a culture of safety on the roads, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has launched handbooks on Oman Highway Code for heavy and light vehicles. The initiative is pivotal in ROP’s strategy to bolster traffic safety and spread critical knowledge about safe driving practices throughout the sultanate.

Eng Fatima bint Abdullah al Riyamiya, Assistant Director of Traffic Engineering at Directorate General of Traffic and Technical Advisor for the project, told Muscat Daily, “Publication of these handbooks reflects our relentless commitment to reducing traffic accidents and their consequences. Our objective is to enhance traffic safety awareness and ensure compliance with safe driving practices and regulations.”

Introduction of the handbooks aims to empower all road users with vital knowledge and skills, fostering a responsible and safe driving culture. “With detailed guidance on driving, road rules and safety gained from the handbooks, we anticipate that motorists will navigate the sultanate’s roads with greater responsibility,” Fatima explained.

To ensure widespread accessibility, ROP has employed various distribution strategies targeting general public and professionals alike. “We are distributing the handbooks at traffic safety exhibitions during Gulf Traffic Week and through Traffic Safety Institutes across the governorates. The handbooks are also downloadable in PDF format from our website, accompanied by QR codes for easier access,” Fatima added.

The content of the Oman Highway Code for Light Vehicles encompasses a wide array of topics, including how to acquire a driving licences, following public safety measures and observing safe driving rules. It particularly caters to the informational needs of first-time visitors and tourists driving in Oman, shedding light on the nation’s traffic regulations.

The edition for heavy vehicles is designed to guide heavy vehicle drivers, transport companies and establishments that emphasis on safe driving techniques, compliance with labour, health and safety laws, and adoption of advanced road safety solutions.

Eng Fatima bint Abdullah al Riyamiya, Assistant Director of Traffic Engineering at Directorate General of Traffic

“This year marks the inaugural edition of the Oman Highway Code for Heavy Vehicles, which we launched during Gulf Traffic Week 2024,” Fatima informed. It builds on the foundation laid by the 2015 Driver’s Guide for light vehicles, now amended to align with current standards and needs.

While addressing traffic violations and promotion of road safety, Fatima highlighted the significance of raising awareness about correct driving practices. “These handbooks will be instrumental in implementing our traffic safety strategy aimed at significantly reducing traffic-related incidents and their impact.”

The handbooks have received backing from several government and private sector partners, demonstrating a collective commitment to road safety. “The support from various entities underscores a shared dedication to improving traffic safety, affirming that road safety is a communal responsibility,” Fatima added.

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