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Celebrating 50 Glorious Years: New India Assurance, Oman Operations

27 Feb 2024

Oman – Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Oman’s insurance sector, the stage is set for a momentous occasion as New India Assurance’s Oman operations gear up to commemorate their 50th Foundation Day. Tonight, under the gleaming stars of Oman’s night sky, esteemed dignitaries and industry stalwarts will gather to celebrate this remarkable milestone.

Ms. Neerja Kapur, the visionary CMD of New India Assurance, alongside Ms. Mukta Sharma and Mr. C S Ayyapan, General Managers from the Head Office, will grace the event with their presence, exemplifying the commitment and leadership that define the organization.

The event promises to be a convergence of excellence, bringing together a distinguished array of guests. Among them, H.E. Amit Narang, Ambassador from the Indian Embassy, Mr. Ahmed Ali Saif Al Maamri, Vice President of the Insurance Sector, and Mr. Ahmed Bin Salim Al Harrasi, Director of CMA, signify the importance of regulatory collaboration and industry synergy.

Adding to the grandeur, top officials of the insurance fraternity in Oman, including CEOs of insurance companies and insurance brokers, will join as esteemed invitees, honouring the occasion and New India Assurance’s contributions to the Sultanate’s insurance landscape.

Moreover, the inclusion of major clients and banking partners underscores the pivotal role played by collaboration and trust in New India Assurance’s journey of success. Their patronage and support have been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory over the past five decades.

From distant shores, representatives from New India Assurance’s Head Office in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi will join in solidarity, reaffirming the organization’s regional footprint and commitment to excellence across borders.

Furthermore, the celebration will be co-hosted by Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of New India Assurance Oman Operations, and Mr. Majid Abdul Rahim Jaffer , heading M/s Abdul Aziz and Brothers LLC, Chief Agents for New India Assurance, Mr. I.M. Jacob, Senior General Manager and Mr. Albert Wilson Raj , Chief Financial Officer reflecting their longstanding partnership and commitment to excellence.

As we gather to celebrate fifty years of resilience, innovation, and service excellence, the occasion serves as a testament to New India Assurance’s unwavering dedication to its stakeholders and the communities it serves. Looking ahead, the company remains steadfast in its mission to redefine benchmarks and set new standards of excellence in the dynamic landscape of insurance.

Tonight, amidst the jubilant festivities and heartfelt reminiscences, we honor the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future with unwavering optimism and determination.

Here’s to fifty years of excellence, and to many more milestones yet to come.
Long live New India Assurance, Oman Operations!

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