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MAFWR takes up five aquaculture projects

10 Feb 2024 MAFWR takes up five aquaculture projects By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources (MAFWR) unveiled plans to establish five new aquaculture projects within this year.

In a significant move to bolster the fisheries sector, Dr Issa Mohammed al Farsi, Director of Fish Farming Development Department, MAFWR, announced the upcoming projects of 2024, naming the second phase of the abalone aquaculture project in Mirbat, Dhofar governorate and a white-legged shrimp venture in Jaalan Bani Bu Ali, South Sharqiyah as the two most important ones.

Additional projects are set to commence in Barka, South Batinah, along with Marine Fin Fish projects in Khasab (Musandam governorate) and Seeb (Muscat governorate).

Six shrimp farming projects were made operational across various governorates in 2023, representing an investment of RO134.087mn in total.

South Sharqiyah, known for its extensive coastline, emerged as a prominent location for shrimp farming, hosting the majority of these projects.

Dr Farsi highlighted the shrimp farms’ contribution in generating new income avenues for local communities, underscoring their economic impact beyond the traditional fisheries sector.

The shrimp farming ventures have notably facilitated direct sales of produce by local citizens, transport operators, and small to medium enterprise owners, either within local markets or through exports.

This initiative has opened up new commercial pathways and contributed to the livelihoods of the local populace, he added.

On the ministry’s future plans, Dr Farsi said, “MAFWR aims to enhance the value addition of national aquaculture products and to enrich the local market with a variety of high-quality fishery products, thereby reinforcing Oman’s position in the global aquaculture landscape.”

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