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Omani globetrotter visits 65 countries to promote Oman

17 Jan 2024 omani globetrotter By MOHAMMED TAHA

To document the culture of diverse peoples, promote Oman, and spread the message of peace and a spirit of adventure, Muatasim Anwar Ahmed al Salmi, 42, an Omani globetrotter, has visited sixty-five countries, so far.

What began as an interesting hobby, soon blossomed into an obsession, such that Salmi currently considers himself as global citizen privileged to be hailing from the Sultanate of Oman. In his quest to encounter and relish diverse cultures around the globe, Salmi also found it an excellent opportunity to take Oman to the world.

Salmi has written three books about his travel experiences, called ‘Fasten your belts’, ‘The decision that saves the trip’ and ‘Cross roads’ which will be unveiled during the upcoming Muscat Book Fair (slated for February 2024).

Honeymoon to hobby

“I set out in 2009 from Muscat to Malaysia and Singapore to spend my honeymoon with my wife. This trip encouraged me to eventually take up more travel. So far, I have visited 65 countries, including Austria, Spain, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Albania and Turkey,” he said, adding that he does visit all famous landmarks in every country besides leaving behind impressions of Oman that would make people curious to visit the sultanate, too.

Salmi has been enjoying his hobby of travel over the past 16 years – to discover the world, document the culture of diverse peoples, spread the message of peace, promote Oman and establish new relationships between people in Oman and the rest of the world.

In 2023, Salmi created his own project called TiDise. He organises monthly group trips to different countries with Omanis who wish to enjoy his spirit of adventure.

Being well informed

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Meticulously planning every trip in advance, he and his colleague Badr al Wahaibi create a plan before traveling to any country by preparing an integrated programme that includes the cost of travel and accommodation, study the climate and the entertainment places that they can visit.

They ensure that all travel documents are in place while also researching the experiences of other travellers at every destination they intend visiting to be well informed about what to expect.

The duo has also been documenting their travels in the form of photographs/video clips as well as recording they own commentary and observance. Each group comprises about 30-50 people. The last trip undertaken was in Uzbekistan, returning in the first week of January.

“We also hold workshops for tourist guidance and prepare caravans for tourist groups that want to enjoy the tourist attractions in the various governorates of the sultanate,” he disclosed.

Talking about unique experiences, he said, “In 2018, during our trip to Taiwan, an earthquakes of magnitude 6.4 occurred, and it took us by surprise. We miraculously survived and returned to the hotel without any damage. There have been other hurdles, like lack of information about some countries, etc.”

He further asserted, “I believe that traveling through many countries of the world builds an individual’s personality and enables one to gain many experiences that help one face life’s challenges. I advise Omani youth to plan well before traveling to any country.”

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