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MAFWR fixing satellite tracking devices on fishing fleet to modernise operations

6 Aug 2023 MAFWR fixing satellite tracking devices By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources (MAFWR) has initiated a project to equip the sultanate’s large artisanal fishing fleet with satellite tracking devices.

Aimed at improving the fishing sector and supporting the fishermen, 250 vessels across Oman have already been outfitted with these devices.

“Our goal is to establish an electronic system that monitors all fishing vessels within the sultanate,” said an MAFWR official. “This project will continue until all artisanal boats are equipped with these tracking devices.”

The ministry official reminded that this initiative isn’t merely an installation of tracking devices. Instead, it represents a considerable upgrade to the existing system, establishing electronic connections with satellites and earth stations, revolutionising the way fishing vessels are monitored in Oman.

“The new system is notable for its innovation and efficiency,” the official stated.

“It facilitates swift delivery of necessary information regarding the fishing vessels. Thanks to connectivity through the Internet of Things networks, the speed of response in emergencies has improved greatly.”

Satellites transmit crucial information about the boats and ships to operations rooms. The data is then analysed and relayed to the respective parties, enabling prompt action, the official explained.

The benefits of this system extend beyond just tracking. It offers data on fish production, aids in fish marketing, differentiates between legal and illegal fishing units, and upholds safety standards for fishing vessels.

In April 2021, MAFWR entered into an agreement with the Middle East Scientific Equipment Corporation. The objective of this agreement is to develop an electronic system for tracking and monitoring fishing vessels across Oman.

The project aims to upgrade the existing tracking system, established in 2000, by facilitating electronic links with satellites and earth stations. In doing so, it will gain high-definition accuracy in line with global standards, allowing Oman’s fishing fleet to operate seamlessly.

“The initiative aligns with the ministry’s strategic plans and programmes, all part of realising Oman Vision 2040,” the official concluded.

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