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China’s iDreamSky seeks collaboration in Oman’s gaming payment industry

3 Jun 2023 iDreamSky

Muscat – iDreamSky, a China-based leading gaming and digital entertainment company, is actively exploring avenues for potential partnerships in the MENA region and collaborations in Oman’s gaming industry. iDreamSky is keen to explore opportunities that will revolutionise the gaming payment landscape in Oman.

While iDreamSky acknowledges the significance of forging strategic alliances to drive industry advancements, the company is engaging in serious exploratory discussions and evaluating potential synergies that may arise from various collaborations, according to a press release.

By exploring opportunities in Oman, iDreamSky aims to leverage its expertise to create a seamless and secure gaming payment platform that caters to the evolving needs of the next generation of gamers.

In Oman, iDreamSky has signed a partnership with leading Omani fintech firm Mamun. Through this groundbreaking collaboration, iDreamSky and Mamun aim to enhance the gaming experience, foster innovation, and support the growth of Oman’s gaming ecosystem.

“We are excited to begin exploring the potential collaborations and opportunities in Oman’s game payment landscape with Mamun. We see lots of similar pain points that the industry and players are suffering. Our discussions with Mamun have been very productive. I am looking forward to solidifying it further with Mamun as our main local partner as we secure more infrastructure partners within Oman,” said Jeff Lyndon, president and cofounder of iDreamSky.

This cutting-edge platform aims to meet the surging demand from gamers, developers, and publishers in the region. By leveraging the expertise and resources of iDreamSky and Mamun, in conjunction with strategic partnerships with leading telcom firms, this joint initiative seeks to revolutionise the gaming payment landscape in Oman. The platform will offer a comprehensive suite of secure and seamless financial services tailored specifically for the gaming industry.

“In the dynamic gaming payment ecosystem, we see significant challenges that hold immense potential for growth. Our unwavering commitment lies in positioning Oman at the forefront of this vertical, and Mamun’s fintech infrastructure platform technology will serve as a crucial conduit to seize these opportunities. With iDreamSky’s prominent operating position in Asia and global reach of game developers, they are the perfect partner. It’s essential for the sector to recognise that payments transcend mere gateways; the future entails a comprehensive financial services experience, and fintechs are poised to deliver much more than vanilla payment services,” said Mohammed al Tamami, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Mamun.

Commenting on the new partnership between iDreamSky and Mamun, H E Dr Ali Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, said, “We are thrilled to witness the collaboration between local Omani startup, Mamun, and renowned international game development player, iDreamsky, as they join forces to pave the way for a thriving future in game development and the digital economy in Oman. This partnership marks a significant milestone in fostering growth and innovation within the Omani gaming industry, showcasing the immense potential and opportunities that lie ahead.”

iDreamSky and Mamun extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology in Oman for their unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of the gaming industry in the country. The ministry’s emphasis on developing and promoting this sector has created an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.

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