Monday, December 04
12:51 AM

RNO sinks decommissioned ship in Musandam


Muscat – Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) sank one of its ships after the end of its service in Musandam on Tuesday. The shipwreck will be used in forming coral reefs and to attract marine organisms.

According to plans, the shipwreck will later be a tourism attraction and site for marine research and studies.

The ship was considered one of the fastest vessels in RNO’s fleet and served nearly 35 years, during which time it carried out several tasks.

The sinking of the vessel will help provide an ideal environment for coral reefs and the proliferation of marine life. This will enrich marine life and help in drawing tourists to the area.

“The sinking site was chosen in Musandam because of its safe sea currents. Moreover, it being a diving site will help increase tourism activity in the area,” said H E Sayyid Ibrahim bin Saeed al Busaidi, Governor of Musandam.

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