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Two Omani resin artists present ‘Inspirations’ at Hormuz Grand Muscat

27 Nov 2022 resin art By HUBERT VAZ

Two talented resin artists in Oman have put up an interesting joint exhibition titled ‘Inspirations’ to showcase and introduce a new genre of art to artists in Oman

They let their creativity flow into new moulds…moulds of innovative designs, patterns and pictures, all of which stay rock solid testimony to their inspiration and experiments with new forms of artistic expression.

When Hawraa al Musawi and Kamla al Rahbi together conceived a joint exhibition ‘Inspirations’ to showcase their new found love for resin art, they had one sole intention in mind – turning the arc-lights on a new art form in Oman that’s still in its infancy. And through the exhibits on display at this exhibition, they present not just their new-pound skill but also a creative journey wherein the end is yet undefined.

The exhibition was inaugurated by H H Sayyida Basma al Said at Hormuz Grand Muscat on November 20 and will be on till November 29. It comprises interesting artworks created by both artists, involving not just creative expression but also technical skill to maintain clarity and precision in each of the works which need careful handling.

Through this exhibition both artists call upon budding as well as established artists in Oman to examine their own creativity and find new ways of expression, of which resin art is a fast picking up genre. Resin art, they say, has endless possibilities that allow one to take art out of walls and present it in various aspects of modern lifestyles. It can be created on wall and table décor as well as in articles like wall clocks, mirrors, utensils, etc.

Both artists share their own take on this joint initiative:

Hawraa al Musawi

Who conceived ‘Inspirations’?

Kamla al Rahbi came forth with the idea for a joint exhibition and I liked it very much. There is no particular theme for the works on display but we have presented our own techniques of resin art.

What message does this exhibition convey?

We have two messages. The first message is that each artist has his/her own internal inspiration to create beautiful and unique artworks. They have to look for this inspiration within themselves to help them achieve their desired goals – my biggest inspiration was the ‘mother nature’. The second message is, young artists shouldn’t lose hope if they face any challenges, they should continue to strive for excellence.

Why did you choose to learn resin art?

My artistic career started in 2016 with drawing the nature with oil & acrylic colours. In 2018, by chance, I have found acrylic pouring art on Instagram and experimented with it. Then, I discovered resin art, researched it and was amazed by its huge potential. There were many challenges, from ordering material online and taking up online courses to practising this skill with different items. I also introduced flower preservation in Oman for the first time. Every day is a learning experience with this art form.

What are the main differences in resin art and regular painting?

Resin art is a completely different art. The main medium in resin art is resin (it is a 2 part product – resin and hardener), whereas regular painting involves oil or acrylic colours. In resin, we do not use brushes to draw the style we want, and we add certain materials to create our artwork, unlike in painting. Resin is mixed with hardener to produce a glossy solid surface, once it’s dry. So, it is very important to be aware of the safety measures.

What difficulties do resin artists face?

Resin artists face many difficulties. Getting the right materials is one – I have been ordering all supplies online as these are not available in Oman. Resin art also needs a special temperature and humidity level – if it is not set up correctly, the work can be ruined. Also, dust is the biggest enemy for a resin artist as a small particle of dust can ruin the whole artwork.

What have you presented in this exhibition?

I have 11 artworks on display – 2 tables, a clock, a mirror and the rest wall artworks.

Kamla al Rahbi

Why did you choose to learn resin art?

Resin art is one of the most modern and beautiful art forms known globally that has imposed itself on the Omani scene only recently. I started my artistic career since 2018, when I started with the art of pouring of colours. Through this, I found an outlet for myself from the daily stress of life. Soon, I was attracted to resin art and got immersed in it. I have tried most of the techniques that can be implemented with this beautiful art genre.

How similar or different is your work from Hawraa’s?

Hawraa and I have similarity in taste, choice of colours, and implementation of ideas, but each of us have our own touch. I am more inclined to make wall clocks, while Hawra loves to make wall paintings.

What is the best part of creating a resin art and what is the difficult part?

The best part is when you pour the resin and things go as planned. The difficult part is that often the resin tends to harden before one has executed the whole idea.

How did you train yourself with this skill?

I learned this art first through visual feeding and following international artists in this field. Then, I refined my talent by attending many internal and external workshops to learn some difficult techniques. I have also conducted many workshops to teach this art to children and adults.

Have you seen the works of resin artists from other countries?

Yes, I constantly follow everything that is presented in this art by international artists, and I try as much as possible to keep up and simulate new ideas in my own way.

Would you be able to create huge resin art for institutional display – like in ministries or public places like the airport, etc?

Of course, I can carry out any orders for any clients. My ambition is to own a resin gallery and store for selling resin accessories, display resin artworks for sale, and conduct workshops to teach resin to those interested.

What have you presented in this exhibition – any colour fixations?

I have presented 18 different artworks. I like to use colours inspired by nature – green and blue. I also like to give a touch of gold in some.

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