Sunday, December 03
11:43 AM

Four areas to be offered for tourism investment in Buraimi


Muscat – With an aim to develop tourist sites and attract tourists in Buraimi Governorate, the Governor of Buraimi held a meeting with the officials of Omran Group on Saturday.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Hamad bin Ahmed al Busaidi, Governor of Buraimi, and was attended by Eng Mohammed bin Salem al Busaidi, chairman of the board of directors of Omran Group.

The meeting discussed a number of important topics related to the development of the tourism sector in the governorate and geological places such as Jabal al Qatar, which is one of the most promising tourist places in the field of geotourism.

“Buraimi governorate will offer several sites for investment, such as the Buraimi Gate, Al Abila area to establish a cultural, tourist and heritage park, a site on Mahdah Road near the hospital roundabout to set up several recreational activities and tourism events, and another site near Al Khandaq Fort and Al Buraimi Oasis to include several tourism initiatives,” said Busaidi.

The meeting also discussed the establishment of tourism projects and several initiatives to promote tourism in the governorate, such as adventure tourism, climbing, historical places, wadis, and traditional shooting, which it is hoped will attract good numbers of visitors and provide job opportunities for the people of the governorate.

Busaidi added that the governorate has a diverse range of tourist offerings, distributed between archaeological and historical sites, castles and forts, in addition to natural sites and wadis as well as agricultural oases, golden sands in the Wilayat of Mahdah and the Wilayat of Al Suninna.

“The presence of land ports and the Empty Quarter, which connects Oman with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are important links for the governorate and could be instrumental in revitalisation of the tourism sector,” he said.

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