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Iranian artist presents ‘Colours and Life’ showcasing resin art

12 Feb 2022 resin By HUBERT VAZ

Iranian artist Zohreh Sadegh presents a vibrant solo exhibition displaying her mastery with resins in diverse artistic expression

When you enter the Art & Soul gallery in Water Front mall, at Shatti Qurm, this week, you would think a joint exhibition by multiple artists is currently underway. And rightly so, given what you behold. But, you would soon be in for a pleasant surprise.

The wide array of exhibits which comprise thought-provoking abstract canvases, multi-media portraits of the former and current Sultans, chic table décor, awe-inspiring wall hangings, intricate woodwork, artistic mirrors of all shapes and sizes, and even true-to-life sculptures of landscapes in Oman, are all created by one young, Iranian artist – Zohreh Sadegh, who presents her first solo exhibition in Oman.

The exhibition, titled ‘Colours and Life’, which was inaugurated by art veteran Prof Ibrahim Noor al Bakry on February 8, will continue till February 18 and the proceeds are expected to fund more interesting projects concerning Oman by the artist.

A resident of Oman since just a year, Zohreh, who studied and taught art in Iran – especially the skill of using fluid resin to solidify her creativity in many vibrant hues and pattens – has lofty ambitions for her artistic journey ahead. And she believes that Oman has played a vital role in fanning her creative pursuits onto a new path which is evident from her diverse offerings in this exhibition.

resin on wood
Resin on wood canvas comprises the bulk of exhibits in this exhibition

Resin art is a unique painting style where the artist does not use typical brushes or acrylic/oil paints. It is a new age artistic technique yet at its infancy but it distinguishes resin artists quite significantly from other artists.

“Epoxy resin is the main material I use for my art and it is prepared by combining two components – resin and hardener. This is available in three categories – slow, medium and fast – which denotes the time taken for drying up and hardening. I use the medium format as it gives me adequate time to complete the result I am looking for,” said Zohreh, adding that “Very few artists in the world have taken up this art form and I am one of them.”

Zohreh uses resin mostly on wooden canvases and mirrors to create a variety of abstract as well as realistic designs. She has also created a few artworks on glass as well as aluminium sheets. The colours mixed with the resin are in the form of either powder or gel and are available in many hues – though shades of blue are her favourite.

There are around 100 exhibits on display including around 40 that involve resin on wood, a few on mirrors, a few on aluminium and other mixed media creations, Zohreh disclosed, adding that she would like to promote this art form by exploring her own creativity as well as teaching those interested. And this exhibition is expected to spark that interest among others, she hopes.

Truly thrilled about Oman as a place rich in inspiration for artists, Zohreh, who had undertaken a masterclass at the National Museum of Oman a year ago, believes that budding artists in Oman have a wonderful journey ahead given the good support the art movement in Oman currently receives. And, she hopes to be an effective link on that journey with her resin art and its promising scope among the new generation of artists.

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