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Omani farmer to cultivate 100 acres of fig in South Sharqiyah

19 Oct 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has signed an agreement with farmer Ali Nasser Salem al Rasbi to plant 100 acres of Omani fig in the wilayat of Al Kamil W’al Wafi in South Sharqiyah governorate.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Rasbi said, “The agreement is a good step to support Omani farmers. We will plant 100 acres of Omani figs in the next five years.”

Elaborating on the agreement, Rasbi informed that 60,000 fig trees would be planted in this period, which will produce 40 tonnes to 45 tonnes of fig per month.

“The project aims to diversify the types of fruits in Oman, achieve self-sufficiency and generate enough produce for export, in addition to providing job opportunities. We expect production to start two years after implementation of the project.”

Rasbi started farming in 2017 and currently his main goal is to diversify his income sources.

“My farm is spread over 40 acres on which we grow mangoes, lemon and orange, besides fig. In the first year, I planted 6,000 fig seedlings. Next season, I expanded by growing 5,000 more seedlings. My farm currently has an annual production of around 50 tonnes of fig.

“I have followed experts’ recommendations regarding expansion and diversification of crops to boost food security which has become a key goal for the country as it targets self-sufficiency in domestic crops.”

In order to learn about various farming methods and increase crop production, Rasbi has visited several countries.

“I use modern agricultural techniques in my farm, including drip irrigation.”

Referring to the agreement with the ministry, he said, “It will encourage Omani farmers to increase their cultivation area to compensate for the losses they suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I urge Omani youth to work in the agricultural sector to build a stable and sustainable future.”

He also appealed to every Omani to plant a tree in their house or anywhere to increase the green coverage area in the sultanate.

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