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Virtual exhibition: Hues of Harmony

2 Jul 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Rangrez, the group of Indian artists in Oman supported by the Indian Social Club, has come forth with its sixth episode of virtual exhibitions, titled Hues of Harmony, which opened online on June 26. Curated by Soubam Priyananda, a key member of Rangrez, who has also been painstakingly designing all presentations of the group’s shows, the exhibition features 45 paintings by 37 artists, including four talented Omani artists this time.

“I have always liked the idea of togetherness and co-existence in harmony. The best manifestation of this notion is nature and being a lover of it, the theme of the exhibition came organically to my mind. My attempt has been to bring out the beauty of togetherness in nature and to reinforce its importance,” Priyananda says, asserting, “As issues concerning nature have recently come into sharper focus, this art exhibition interrogates the limits of human knowledge, understanding, and acts. The show is also a call for empathy and solidarity towards the sufferings of nature.”

Reproduced here are the works of some of the participating artists: 



Abdullah al Hunaini

Vantage perch

My realistic and abstract compositions are in a detailed classical style. Most of my work features the country’s natural beauty, traditions, culture and life of its people.


Saud al Hunaini

Photo finish

I focus on themes related to humanity, freedom and peace. Still life and landscape paintings reflect my love for Oman’s heritage and culture and I always try to bring out compositional depth and layers of moods with hidden meanings.


Anwar Sonya


I am inspired by my homeland and the charming Dhofar region where Omani bedouin women project an exceptional meaning of real beauty. Most of my works have the main theme of Omani heritage and culture expressed through a contemporary artistic vision.


Prakashan Puthur

True friends

The colourful natural scenes and ordinary people around me motivate me to delve into painting. In this work,  we can see true companionship between an elephant and a man. Perhaps, they have been journeying together through the thick jungle.


Showbi Nowshad


This is an abstract painting of a flower garden, inspired by the various colours in nature, done with acrylic paints. I’ve tried to show the little details which we often don’t notice in our surroundings.


Pragya Bhatnagar

This is where I belong

‘This is where I belong’ connects us (humans) to nature. We are a part of it, this is where we have come from and this is where we will merge into. The concept is inspired from a Bryan Adams song – ‘Let nothing come between this (nature) and me…when we’re all together, there’s nothing to fear.’


Parul Razdan Bradoo



Life and nature are great teachers. Many mysterious ideas deeply embedded within get unfolded as time passes. Hues, forms and figures get revealed while creating paintings. In this painting, the attractiveness of a flower lures a bird to dance around.


Khursheed Raja

One with nature

Through my surreal painting, Oneness with Nature, I have tried to express the beauty, peace and harmony found in nature. Art can be a beacon of hope, lighting the way and compelling us to protect and conserve Mother Nature!


Dr Dipty Shrivastava

A walk in the woods 

My painting portrays a person in complete sync with nature. He is walking on a hilly road in the woods towards distant mountains. Tranquility, harmony and self-discovery can only be achieved when one is literally adrift in nature in its full glory.


Sushmita Gupta

Butterfly effect

The ecosystem and the environment are delicately balanced on a tipping see-saw of excesses of human greed. The ‘Butterfly effect’ is the sensitive dependence of initial conditions in which a small change in one state can result in large differences in a later state. My art is an amalgamated representation of both.


Link to the virtual exhibition:

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