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GLOBE selects seven Omani students’ scientific studies

9 Jun 2021

Scientific researches of seven Omani students have been selected from among the 234 participant research papers from around the world for the GLOBE Environmental Program 2020-21, said the GLOBE head office in the United States. 

The sultanate’s schools participated in the virtual exhibition of the GLOBE Environmental Science International Program, held in the US from March 29 to April 5, and achieved advanced ranking this year. 

Five of the Omani schools obtained the highest grades of evaluation represented in obtaining four stars, which is the full mark, said a press statement. 

The four stars grade is the highest classification in the evaluation stage that qualifies later for competing for the winning centres chosen randomly by lottery system for all the winning research from the countries participating in the exhibition. 

This exhibition is an event in which the sultanate’s schools maintained achieving advanced positions every year. This year, despite the pandemic, which directly affected education, the Omani students had a distinguished participation and continued to work, research, and strive towards achieving the best achievements, the statement added.

The winning schools areUmm Dhar al Ghafari School in Buraimi governorate, with the research titled ‘Causes of Death of Aquatic and Plant Organisms in the Laboratory of Umm Dhar Al Ghafari School’; Alyat Fada School in Dhahirah governorate, with two research papers titled ‘Study of the Causes of Non-Germination of Fig Trees in Al Dhuaihriyah area in the Wilayat of Dhank’, and ‘Study of the Causes of the Growth-Stop and Wilting of the Cranberry Plant in the Wilayat of Dhank’; Umm Hani School in Dakhliyah governorate, with a research titled ‘Study of the Causes of Water Loss from the Governmental Distribution Networks in the Wilayat of Samail; Effects and Possibility of Use’; Sultan Said bin Taimur School in South Sharqiyah governorate, with a research titled ‘Effects of Omani Samer Tree Charcoal on Soil Fertility and on Generating Electric Current in Electrochemical Cells’, and Hafsa bint Sirin School in Buraimi governorate, with a research titled ‘Effects of Bio-Charging on Improving Productivity of Sandy Soil in the Hamasa area in Buraimi governorate’.

The Ministry of Education pays great attention to the GLOBE Environmental program, since its implementation in 2009, because of its role and impact in transforming students’ learning towards the practical side through scientific protocols applied in collecting readings and data from the field using scientific tools and devices with accurate readings. 

They are water protocol, atmosphere protocol, soil protocol, and land cover protocol, through which students prepare their scientific research for the international scientific exhibitions, regional exhibitions, as well as the local exhibitions. 

It is worth noting that the GLOBE Environmental Program is one of the most prominent joint educational and scientific student programmes in the world, due to its association with the academic subjects and the environment in which the student lives. 

The programme aims to improve the level of environmental awareness and self-learning of scientific research methods. 

It also allows students to understand facts and data related to the environment in general and to enhance the spirit of teamwork and present an organised way to discover new facts or verify existing facts and the relationship between them or the laws that govern them in a way that contributes to increasing knowledge. 


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