Friday, January 21
11:44 AM

No extravagance during Eid


While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many in Oman to change their lifestyles, it may not be a reason for some Muslim families to do away with their tradition of Eid celebrations.

During the last few days of Ramadan, shoppers are seen thronging the markets and malls to shop for Eid. People spend more on shopping, mainly clothes. Before the virus crisis, Eid was the time when families got together and there was need for them to be well prepared.

While the pandemic has changed that, it hasn’t dampened the excitement over shopping for Eid. Last weekend, my family insisted on going shopping and I thought we would be seen as crazy being the only ones shopping for Eid. But to my surprise, there were many other shoppers like us out for the same reason. 

We all know that we won’t be going out during Eid but still we shop. Like last Eid, this time around, too, will be a low-key celebration at home due to the pandemic. But we still need to wear new clothes during Eid and prepare special dishes to be served not to guests but ourselves.

During this time of the year, supermarkets are usually packed with customers, shopping for special Eid meals.

Even if spending on luxury items reduce, food is always in demand no matter what the crisis. People will always buy more amounts of foodstuff during Eid.

Many people I spoke with said they can’t scale down shopping and cooking because of the pandemic. We just need to be careful about extravagance. 

While not having to worry about increase in prices of foodstuff as authorities monitor markets during Ramadan to ensure price stability, we must not go overboard when shopping. Setting a budget will help stay within limit. 

And remember, we have to be home to help control the spread of the virus.

Muslims around the world will end Ramadan by celebrating Eid al Fitr and preparations for this holy day start weeks earlier which involves shopping.

Till the next time, Happy Eid shopping but let’s not be extravagant.

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