Sunday, August 07
07:26 PM

‘Give without limits’


An initiative aptly called Jood – or ‘Give without limits’ – has been launched by the Salalah Charity Team to spread Ramadan’s spirit of giving and help low-income families and expats. 

Launched on April 9, Jood aims to provide financial assistance and support in the form of purchase vouchers, food baskets, household appliances and tablets to deserving insolvent families. The team has identified low-income families based on several criteria to support them throughout the month of Ramadan until Eid al Fitr.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Eng Tariq Amer al Kathiri, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Salalah Charity Team and head of its coordination committee, said, “The team aims to achieve social solidarity among community members to help poor families. We strive to meet the urgent and permanent needs of these families with limited income in the wilayat of Salalah through numerous programmes that raise their standard of living.” 

The team is currently running several charity programmes under the slogan ‘From Society to Society’ in cooperation with government organisations.

Also in cooperation with community members and government and private institutions, it holds programmes with voluntary workers to serve society, and raise the level of education of children from families with limited incomes. 

According to Eng Yasser bin Jamaan al Khalis, a member of the charity team and supervisor of its social media sites, Jood targets 360 needy families, of which 300 are Omani. The charity has 20 volunteers working on the initiative.

“We currently provide 300 iftar meals a day, food baskets for needy families, and household items such as air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines,” Khalis informed. 

“We will continue to create a strong financial position for the team and arrange funds and food packages from a variety of sources to implement our initiatives,” Khalis added. 


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