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30 Mar 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

There’s a whiff of the ocean, a vast array of delectable seafood on display (some waiting to be tossed into a live station), majestic chandeliers hanging over comfortable seating around socially-distanced tables, and to boot it all, powerful renditions from a versatile opera singer – the Opera Brunch at The Chedi on Saturdays is nothing short of a seafood soiree, except that the celebration begins at noon!

When you walk in for the Opera Brunch you would, indeed, notice many beckoning counters and live stations with chefs waiting to delight diners with their sheer mastery with the wok. With a merry mix of Asian, Arabic and continental cuisine, all intended to transport guests to another realm where flavour finds favour with every palate, this brunch, however, is a sure hit with seafood lovers. So, if you are a meat lover, it might be the right occasion for a change of heart, to discover how well the ocean can provide a culinary dream cruise wherein every bite seems like marine magic.

F &B staff at the restaurant disclosed that the Saturday brunch was intentionally kept different from the Friday brunch to offer guests a unique experience. While the cuisine comprises mainly seafood, it also gives diners an opportunity to savour fresh seafood, caught off the shores of Oman and prepared with special recipes in live stations, so as to appeal to varied tastes. From lobsters and jumbo prawns to king fish, tuna, trevaly, hamour, and a selection of mussels, the seafood prepared and served at this brunch is to die for.

The Opera Brunch is marked by the presence of a visiting opera singer – Anna – who entertain diners with her powerful repertoire of arias that grow on you as you enjoy your meal. There is also a local band to fill in between her sessions which, somehow, have a positive bearing on one’s appetite and compels one to make a dash for the food counters, again and again.

There is a sumptuous Sushi bar with a whole range of pick-me-up portions, besides a wonderful salad counter wherein individual portions of a variety of salads are laid out, with unique combinations of papaya, lettuce, steamed lobster, shrimps, baby octopus, tuna, etc. You can also visit a pasta station and customise your own portion of seafood pasta or select a lobster of your choice and hand it to the chefs at a live seafood station to prepare it to suit your own taste.

The dessert section, too, has a wide variety of individual portions of popular desserts from fruit salads and pastries to mousses, cheesecakes, and crème brulees. You can also find popular local desserts like Umm Ali on display.

There are no rules for this brunch. You can begin with a salad or a sushi or settle for an assortment of grilled stuff to get your juices flowing. There is much to choose from and plenty of time to savour what suits you best.

Seafood buffs can customise their main course from fish/lobsters/shrimps and accompany it with a side of pasta. For the tradition bound, there is also a section that serves rice, breads and curries. While children can take delight in spring rolls, dimsums, pastas and grilled items.

As you spend a good 2-3 hours, enjoying conversation, music, and good food, you would realise that the Saturday brunch at The Chedi has more punch to it than most traditional Friday brunches in town.

Unfortunately, this euphoria is going to be short-lived for the time being as, after a couple of weeks, there will be a break for this brunch during Ramadan. The Opera Brunch will, however, resume after Eid to provide diners in Muscat an experience to cherish.

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