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International Women’s Day: Choose to challenge

7 Mar 2021

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Choose to Challenge’. A challenged world is an alert world. And from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge says the IWD website calling on people around the world, men and women to attest their support to the theme by sending in their views and photos as a sign of solidarity.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality in all professions, in all countries around the globe.

Given below are the frank opinion of some women in Oman who believe that it is important that women come to the forefront in all key professions to streamline the process of nation building in different countries.


Abeer  Ali Mubarak al Mukhaini

Admin & Follow-up Director,  Al Matar Group

From challenge comes change! And form change opportunities and new leaders are born. Challenge helps in shaping us as individuals and countries in general. The huge challenge that we are experiencing globally, and not on Oman level only, is an alert to increase the level of responsibility towards society. It also requires a collaborative force to generate a blossoming future for all.

Having women in the forefront to strengthen their presence in various professions, side by side with men, will encourage diversification that result in a more prosperous society.

I always look at challenge as an opportunity. And Omani women, historically, and at present, have proved their capability and competence in achieving more than what has been dedicated to them. Now is the time where women can participate more effectively in building future nations.


Dr Lamya Harub

PMO Lead – Policies & Procedure Project at OQ

While we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is paramount to realise that ‘gender equity’ will not be attained in our lifetime if we fail to see its direct correlation with economic prosperity. This is because gender equity is intrinsically linked to sustainable development and is vital to the realisation of rights for all.

To this end, if we want a successful and flourishing economy, we must include the contributions and potentials of all – men as well as women.


Juliette Lotthe de Thomson

French artist

The potential women have in all areas is certainly underestimated, and even more underexploited. In a situation of crisis, it is even more of a loss. What women have to offer are strong abilities that complete the ones men have. Intellectually men and women are equal, but emotionally, many times they prove to be stronger, to be the pillars of society, the same way they are the pillars of family. They are the glue that hold human beings together at all levels and certainly today we realise how much that bond is fundamental, even professionally, to build nations and face tough times.

It is true in every culture and all professions, and even in art or sport. Without their contribution, the nations will be deprived of half of what they could be.


Elizabeth Davis

Marine biologist and banker

Women constitute half the population. If 50% of a country’s people are not empowered, it is obvious that that nation is not going anywhere. Bringing women to the forefront is of utmost importance for the world to progress in a holistic manner.

These backbenchers have proven equally able, whether in ruling countries, heading major corporations, financial institutions, flying jets, going to space, to name a few.

Women are not back-benchers by choice, that was the place reserved for them by society. Women have proven themselves excellent at multi-tasking and are sensitive to issues, as well. They are used to managing homes efficiently and could easily do that in the bigger arena. Just give them an equal opportunity and they will surely rise and shine. And so will the nation!


Shalini Kumar

Public speaker, poet, artist

I would like to begin with two lines from my own poem recited on Women’s Day at a Poetry and Literary group platform – There is nothing impossible for women to make possible. We should not underestimate a woman when she can even defeat the enemy by flying a fighter plane as tough as the MIG21. 

Today’s woman is literate, knowledgeable and capable of doing any task given. So in the true sense, if any nation wants to progress fast and become powerful, women should come to the forefront in all key professions. 

In Oman and in India, women have joined all key professions, from business and engineering to the medical and defence fields. Hence, both countries are progressing fast. 

I would like to end, quoting Hillary Clinton – When women participate in an economy, everyone benefits. 

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