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Oman to take part in 6th Gulf Cancer Awareness Week

30 Jan 2021

Along with other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries Oman will take part in the activities of the 6th Gulf Cancer Awareness Week that will take place in the first week of February.

The GCC countries have adopted the first week of February as the Gulf Cancer Awareness week in line with the celebration of the World Cancer Day which falls on February 4. 

Dr Taha al Lawati, board member, Oman Cancer Association (OCA), said cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. “Usually, the incidence rate in developed countries is much higher than in developing countries,” he said.

“In addition, several studies indicate the possibility of having 27.5mn new cases of cancer by 2040, an increase of 61.7 per cent from 2018 if the current trends continue.” 

The Gulf Cancer Awareness Week aims to raise health awareness about risk factors leading to cancer, to encourage the community to adopt a healthy life style including diet and physical activity as well as to encourage saving the environment, public health, professional health and the importance of early detection of cancer for better prognosis. 

The seven-day event will have activities including health awareness lectures, walkathons and entertainment events in various governorates of the sultanate – all to be held online.

Dr Lawati added, “The activities of the Gulf Cancer Awareness Week will be launched on the first day which is Monday with the slogan 40/40 which was chosen based on the scientific evidence that indicates that 40 per cent of the cancer diseases can be prevented by following healthy lifestyle, adopting correct dietary habits, practising regular physical activity and maintaining an ideal body weight. Forty types of cancer can be cured if detected early and managed with the appropriate treatment plan in a timely manner.”

This year the Gulf Cancer Awareness Week comes amid a new global challenge with the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.


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