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Oman LNG, Mazoon Dairy and Ejaad to introduce biogas to power technology

2 Dec 2020

Attesting to its robust in-country value (ICV) efforts, Oman LNG signed a pivotal agreement with Ejaad and Mazoon Dairy to establish sultanate’s first-of-its-kind biogas to power generator, which will be installed at Mazoon Dairy’s site. 

This collaboration demonstrates the value of cross-industrial collaboration under Ejaad’s umbrella between the food sector (represented by Mazoon Dairy) and the energy sector (represented by Oman LNG) in the technology demonstration, localisation and innovation aspects. In addition, the agreement will facilitate the deployment of biogas to power technology to demonstrate at large scale the feasibility of biogas to power for the first time in Oman. Mazoon Dairy in 2019 started up the first biogas plant in Oman and the first-of-its-kind in the food processing sector in the region.

The generator, supplied by Oman LNG, will assist in producing energy by utilising the biogas currently produced from organic waste at Mazoon Dairy site and convert it to a sustainable green energy source yielding less environmental emissions. 

“As our country is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy, we continue to dedicate our efforts to deliver sustainable development to Oman and its people through clean energy sources for generations to come,” said Harib al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG. 

Ejaad, through this agreement, will facilitate and advice biogas research and development, a forward-looking step that supports future research with both local and international academia and industrial partners. 

Ahmed Al Ghafri, chief support officer of Mazoon Dairy, said, “We are proud of our world-class facilities and the eco-friendly solutions strictly followed across functions, and delighted to partner with Oman LNG and Ejaad to take the existing biogas plant to the next level of power efficiency.”


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