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Culinary Distinction: Sabah al Mahrizi

2 Nov 2020

Oman Woman of the Year 2020

The inspiration and central force behind Habboh, a traditional cafe in Al Amerat, Sabah al Mahrizi’s contribution towards promoting Omani food among citizens as well as residents/tourists from different countries has been a silent act with a far-reaching impact.

Habboh, which means Grandmother in Arabic, is a unique commercial venture with a real touch of home, serving genuine, Omani food, prepared in exactly the same way as it is done in Omani homes.

The cafe is managed by Sabah’s four children – Nawaf, Ahlam, Aida and Omar – all of whom handle different aspects of the family business from management, purchase and supplies, décor and design, and marketing.

She, however, is in charge of operations in the kitchen and herself prepares traditional Omani food, with her own self-taught expertise.

Over the years, diners have expressed much appreciation for the food served at Habboh such that the word has gone around town and even locals throng the place on weekends to savour genuine Omani dishes.

Sabah says it gives her great joy in preparing Omani dishes, which she learnt from her mother, in order to keep traditions alive. And the fact that it has also given all her children an opportunity to employ and sharpen their individual skills in the family business is also plus point.

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