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Charity Work: Clodagh Cahill

2 Nov 2020

Oman Woman of the Year Awards 2020

Clodagh Cahill, who arrived in Oman 19 years ago on an HR contract at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, subsequently made Oman her home. With a deep sense of giving back to the community by organising charitable initiatives, Clodagh, who prefers to call herself ‘a conductor of sorts’, has a team of volunteers from all walks of life, nationalities, and ages who readily come together for various projects. She is also in the process of making a set of ‘How to…’ videos to rope in scores of people who wish to join in charitable ventures but do not know whom to approach.

Some of Clodagh’s successful projects include the ‘Bubbas and Mummas’ resuable nappies initiative in 2004, ‘Days of Girls Muscat’ project to distribute sanitary kits to needy females in Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Tanzania, India, and Uganda, the resusable shopping bags project in 2018, and the ‘Yarn Knot Alone Muscat’ project to donate handmade blankets to needy people in hospitals, which also aimed at offering crocheted blankets and booties for infants in NICUs in various hospitals in Oman, in 2019.

Though at the helm of each initiatve, Clodagh prefers to pass on all the credit to her team of volunteers who, she says, are the real heroes of all her charitable ventures.

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