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I count my blessings everyday

7 Jun 2020

Maggie Jeans, OBE, partner and director of Al Manahil International and Educational Consultancy which has been procuring educational material from Britain over the past few decades, is known to be one socialite in Oman who is always on her toes. From regularly convening sessions of the British Business Forum to being present at all important events, she makes it a point to make everyday a meaningful experience. Under the current lockdown, she admits that feels a bit grounded but there’s nothing that can keep her indomitable spirit down. Her’s what she has to say:


I wish I could say that I had spent the last three months of lockdown really fruitfully. It would have been the ideal time to learn a new language or skill or write a book, but I have at least survived all the uncertainty.

The staff in my small company have needed a great deal of support as have many other individuals. Loneliness and isolation has been a major challenge for many people worldwide. But, I’m very lucky to live in an apartment with a compound by the beach, so I didn’t feel isolated. All my neighbours are also working remotely so we became by default a ‘safe’ community.

I’ve done a lot more cooking for myself and others, even baking bread for the first time in my life. I’ve probably spent far too much time daily on WhatsApp and Facebook and also too much time watching the news and following current affairs on TV. I’m even guilty of binge-watching Netflix for the first time ever, especially Margaret Atwood’s dystopian Handmaid’s Tale, a long held desire which I’ve never had time for before.

Lockdown comes with the need for escapism. I’ve been lucky to be able to walk my dog and swim daily which guarantees a sound night’s sleep after bedtime reading. 

I’ve attempted to bring my IT skills up to speed and participated in virtual meetings on Zoom, Team & Blue Jeans and also Webinars for the first time. I haven’t done much on the decluttering and tidying front but I have pottered in the garden, which is very relaxing.

I also took some time for reflection and existentialist thought. With the luxury of hindsight, I might have achieved more but I am fortunate and content to be in Oman and count my blessings every dy

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