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A surprise in the making

20 May 2020

The lockdown can’t stop art and its messengers, they say. Artists are used to think ‘out of the box’ and get the best out of every situation, even the hardest ones. Lucia Oliva, an internationally popular Italian arist in Oman, especially embodies this attitude. Though mainly known in Oman for her unique fine art creations and fairytaledance choreographies, she also has a special talent for poetry and song writing.

From her home and studio in beautiful Qantab, where she lives with her husband, an event organiser and dancer himself, she is now creating new artworks with a revolutionary concept for some already-planned solo and group exhibitions, that will take place when the situation will allow it.  Among them is a very unique piece, a surprising sculptural canvas-non-canvas dedicated to the Father of the Nation who passed away earlier this year, that conveys a universal message of hope and a sort of moral legacy. However, she firmly keeps the surprise and prefers not to unveil more right now.

Apart from fine arts, during this lockdown, her passion for poetry gave birth to some remakes of worldwide famous Italian songs, aimed at donating a smile and sharing a message of hope around the world.  

The last one is ‘Volare’, fruit of a nice experience created in the distance with friends from different countries around the world (Italy, India, Jordan, Japan, Oman, UAE, USA), cultures and religions, and time zones.

“We wanted to send a message of peace and brotherhood beyond all barriers and differences, underlining the hope for the defeat of the pandemic,” says Lucia. 

The value of the project was highlighted by the fraternal co-operation of top professional musicians and singers and simply enthusiasts.
Among the internationally acclaimed ones are Maestro Francesco Gardella and tenor Davide Piaggio from Italy, piano player Andrea Vulpani, Indian violinist Sunita Bhuyan, Japanese mythology singer Eko Tumi and American voice Joe Sopala. 

From Oman, it has Fahad Al Abri, also a music lover. The video has received wide coverage in the Italian media.

Lucia admits that the lockdown didn’t prevent her from dedicating herself to daily fitness and healthy food. “Being a professional dancer involves  training at least 2-3 hours a day and consuming healthy diets. I have always taken care of our meals, so cooking at home during quarantine isn’t a big sacrifice for me,” she adds.

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