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‘Garlic production in this season good’

14 Apr 2020

Garlic is an important crop in Oman especially because of its use in ethnomedicine. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF), garlic production in the sultanate this season has been good.  

Speaking to Muscat Daily, a farmer Sultan al Kalbani from the wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah, said, “The period of planting and harvesting the crop varies from one governorate to another. In most governorates, sowing begins in November and harvesting takes place in April, but in the mountainous areas the sowing period is from mid-October and harvested at the beginning of May.” 

Heavy rain this year has boosted garlic production, said Kalbani. “We started work in November and harvested just a few days ago. Crop production this year was high due to the heavy rain and availability of water. My family and I harvested about 600kg of Omani garlic” The only difficulty is marketing the products. “We hope that we get the right places to sell our products.” 

A study shows ethnomedicine uses garlic, lime, honey as herbal additives for treating wounds, common cold, throat infections, diabetes, and even obesity. 

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