Monday, June 24
06:08 PM

Omani author’s African adventures a crowd-puller


Two books displayed at the Muscat International Book Fair are getting a lot of positive reviews from visitors for their content. Rijal al Tareeq and Titanic Africa, authored by adventurer Khalid Said al Anqoudi, have captured Africa’s natural beauty in all its glory. 

Illustrated with some exquisite pictures, the travelogues encompass Africa’s exquisite landscape, rare plants, animals and marine adventures of the author as well. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Anqoudi said, “I wrote the books from June to December 2019. With each chapter, I aim to give readers a peek into Africa’s natural treasures. The two book are travel literature.” 

He added, “Rijal al Tareeq has four chapters and 250 pages. The book recounts road trips on  four-wheel drive vehicles which I undertook with some friends. We visited eight African countries including Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The book also explores many of the customs and traditions of those countries. It also has descriptions on animals, lakes, trees and rare plants.” 

The second book, Titanic Africa includes real stories about the author’s marine adventures across Africa and Asia. It consists of 75 colour pages with pictures of various water bodies. The two books also appeal to young minds to indulge in various adventure sports.  

“Description of Africa’s picturesque landscapes is sure to encourage the Omani youth to go out and explore the world. This will also promote Oman as a tourist destination.” 

Anqoudi also emphasised the importance of book fairs as an opportunity for Omani authors. “They are also a platform to exchange experiences with authors of different countries participating in the fair. Omani authors need financial support to market their books and translate them into different languages such as English and French.” 

Having travelled to 70 countries, Anqoudi has already authored seven books.  

“I wish Omani books could reach different countries of the world. I have got some of my books translated into German and I’m trying to get others put into English and French.” 


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