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Oman LNG announces completion of work of National Autism Centre

3 Feb 2020

Oman LNG has announced that construction phase of the National Autism Centre has come to a completion. The National Autism Centre comes as part of Oman LNG’s ‘Gift to Nation’ initiative announced earlier. The project has been constructed through strategic partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) and Oman Autism Society to extend its service for the entire sultanate in advocating support to autism.


The National Autism Centre will focus on treating autism-diagnosed individuals, providing them with appropriate assistance as well as generating public awareness. Identification, promotion, treatment and education will be among the top priorities of the centre. The state-of-the-art facility will actively pursue research into the root causes and diagnosis of autism. It will be community-centred in its support for individuals and families coping with and seeking treatment for autism and associated conditions.


“The completion of the construction phase of the National Autism Centre reaffirms Oman LNG’s commitment and willingness to achieve corporate social responsibility. It showcases the company’s eagerness to serve Oman and its people. We appreciate the support and guidance we are offered from the public authorities throughout this project and many others. Our unique partnership with the Ministry of Social Development was a key factor behind this success,” said Harib al Kitani, chief executive officer, Oman LNG.


“Through these initiatives we intend to provide support where communities feel it is most needed,” said Sheikh Khalid al Massan, chief executive officer of the Oman LNG Development Foundation.


“Our aim is to serve the community and contribute to all segments of society wherever possible.”

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