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BankDhofar introduces dedicated banking solutions for self-employed individuals

5 Jun 2024

Muscat – BankDhofar the leading financial institution in the Sultanate of Oman announced the launch of specialized banking services for self-employed individuals by providing a set of banking solutions to meet their banking needs. This initiative aligns with Oman Vision 2040, empowering self-employed individuals, which in turn contribute to the growth and expansion of their businesses.

Featuring a range of benefits, including point-of-sale systems, communication support, and efficient payroll management solutions, the account equips freelancers with the tools needed to enhance financial transactions and sales. Moreover, the user friendly payment gateway is tailored for freelancers simplifies online payment collections, while customized credit and debit card options cater to their unique needs.

The account is designed specifically for self-employed professionals categorized under small and medium enterprises, offers a smooth account opening process across the bank’s 121 nationwide branches

The account also provides many benefits, such as point-of-sale systems and communication support, which help them collect their financial dues and enhance their sales. In addition to having a unique system for paying employees’ salaries with a convenient and effective way to manage employees’ payrolls.

Freelancers can collect payments for their online transactions through a payment gateway designed for them and integrated with the bank’s own gateway. Credit cards and direct debit cards are also designed to meet the unique needs of self-employment, in addition to financial transfers inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

BankDhofar has extended working hours at 13 branches across all governorates, ensuring accessibility and support for small and medium enterprises.

During the year 2024, BankDhofar is dedicated to deepening the relationship with customers and retaining them by providing the best services and exclusive offers across various segments, including children, youth, women, and minors. The bank is also currently planning to provide unique services to the wealthy and VIP clients and financial and economic advice to companies.

Through the mobile banking application, BankDhofar also allows customers to manage their accounts, bill payment, and money transfer, in addition to the easy online account opening service, as well as allowing new customers to open new savings accounts through “Intilaqah” application of the bank, without visiting a branch.

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