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Municipality hires consultant to evaluate traffic in Muscat

26 May 2024 Municipality hires consultant to evaluate traffic in Muscat By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – In a significant move, Muscat Municipality has engaged a consulting company to conduct a comprehensive study for evaluation of the current traffic patterns in Muscat governorate.

In an interview with media, Ahmed al Humaidi, Chairman of Muscat Municipality, spoke about various service projects and programmes implemented by the municipality this year.

“Muscat Municipality is currently working with an expert house and a consulting company to conduct a traffic study aimed at evaluating the current traffic in Muscat,” he disclosed.

The study aims to determine ways to develop the existing road network, identify locations of traffic jams, and find solutions to address them, while predicting future traffic patterns, Humaidi elaborated.

The study will also assess the Muscat governorate’s needs for improvements to the existing road network and future connections necessary for sustainable solutions to traffic congestion in the short, medium, and long term. The improvements will be implemented based on priorities.

Humaidi highlighted that the municipality is also working on multiple projects to improve rainwater drainage. These projects aim to enhance infrastructure and protect citizens from the dangers of overflooded wadis and water accumulation.

Current projects include a surface water drainage canal next to Al Anwar Street in Azaiba.

A water drainage canal in Jiffnain in the wilayat of Seeb and the second phase of a rainwater drainage canal project in the Al Mahj area in the wilayat of Amerat are also under progress.

Tunnel to connect Bausher, Amerat

Humaidi confirmed that the municipality is studying the construction of a tunnel connecting the wilayats of Bausher and Amerat. The project, designed as an additional pathway linking the two areas, is a key component of the Muscat structural plan overseen by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MHUP).

Humaidi explained that the tunnel project is being evaluated and implemented as a public-private partnership. He emphasised that the findings from the study will be shortly considered for project implementation.

Increasing green spaces

The Muscat Municipality Chairman also informed that efforts are underway to increase green spaces in the city by enhancing the number of parks and gardens.

Currently, there are 144 parks and gardens. The municipality has implemented several garden projects in residential neighbourhoods through community partnerships and well-thought-out plans to cover all the wilayats of the Muscat governorate.

He noted that significant projects include the Green Walk Project in Maabilah in the wilayat of Seeb, in partnership with Occidental Oman, covering an area of 152,400sqm.

The other major one is the Golden Jubilee Walkway project in Seeb, spread over 84,400sqm, expected to be completed by the end of this year, while the municipality is calling for bidders to develop a sports complex in the Wadi Kabir Park.

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