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Four Omani riders qualify for Endurance World Championship

16 Apr 2024 Four Omani riders qualify for Endurance World Championship

Muscat – Oman’s equestrian prowess will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Endurance World Championship 2024, with four riders from the sultanate qualifying to compete in this prestigious event in France come September.

Royal Equestrian Team’s Hisham bin Saleh al Farsi and Ahmed bin Salem al Hamadani have won the FEI-recognised 160km French Soumoul race to qualify for the world event. 

They now join Mahmoud bin Marhoon al Fouri and Saleh bin Salem al Balushi who secured their places through earlier qualification rounds. 

The Soumoul race is a grueling test of stamina and skill, comprising five stages – 40km in the first two stages, 32km in the third, 26km in the fourth, and ending with a 22km sprint in the final stage.

In a related achievement, Hussein bin Ali al Farsi of Royal Equestrian Team also completed the Soumoul race stages. He is now just one three-star race away from joining his teammates at the world championship.

The Royal Equestrian Team also showed its rich pool of talent in the one-star Soumoul race, a 100km challenge, clinching second and third places. Faisal bin Ibrahim al Farsi took the second place, while Mahmoud bin Marhoon al Fouri came a close third. The race was held in four stages, testing riders’ endurance and resilience across 32km, 26km, 22km and a final 20km stretch.

The participation and success of Omani riders in these competitive events highlight the sultanate’s commitment to equestrian sports and their rise in the international endurance riding arena. 

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