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Public Prosecution warns against begging

25 Mar 2024 Public Prosecution warns against begging By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Public Prosecution has issued a stern warning against begging in public spaces emphasising that it is both socially unacceptable and a punishable offence under the law.

During Ramadan, the number of people seeking charity, including beggars, increases every year. Beggars are often seen at mosques and commercial centres during the holy month.

According to Omani laws, exploiting minors or involving them in begging activities constitutes a crime punishable with a fine of RO100 and prison term of three years. The prison term is extended if the perpetrator is identified as the minor’s guardian, trustee or someone entrusted with their care or supervision.

The Ministry of Social Development cooperates with government agencies, including the Ministry of Labour, Royal Oman Police and the Public Prosecution to combat begging.

The Public Prosecution has also issued a warning regarding appearing in public places in a manner that is degrading to public decency or against Omani traditions and customs. ‘Such behaviour is frowned upon by society and is an offence punishable by law,’ it stated.

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