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Fuel stations directed to instal charging points – Think green, drive clean

21 Jan 2024 Fuel stations directed to instal charging points By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – The Ministry of Commerce’s mandate to instal charging points in fuel stations is an important step in promoting electric vehicles. This initiative aligns with global sustainability goals, positioning Oman as a leader in fostering eco-friendly transportation and reducing carbon emissions. What other measures should be adopted to encourage people to opt for electric vehicles? Here’s what Muscat Daily reader’s said –

Salim Ahmed

Private sector employee

This move is indeed aligned with global sustainability goals in fostering eco-friendly transportation and curbing carbon emissions in the country and we welcome such a decision.  To further encourage people to use EVs, comprehensive measures such as tax incentives, subsidies for EV purchase, and the development of a robust charging infrastructure network should be considered.

Salim al Habsi

Private sector employee

Authorities can offer incentives such as subsidies for EV buyers. Educational campaigns about the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of EVs can also play a crucial role in changing consumer perceptions and increasing acceptance of EVs.

Monohar Suresh 


Some places can have these vehicles but not on the roads immediately. These places can be in gated communities or even local colonies. Let not such vehicles, as of now, run long distances as we are in initial phases. Slowly and gradually they can go ahead. Also, maybe for one day in a month, specific roads can be dedicated and devoted only for EVs. Additionally, exhibitions of EVs will also encourage people to opt for them.

Ahmed al Kindi 

Private sector employee 

Fostering collaborations between the government and private sector to invest in research and development of EVs can lead to advancements in battery technology, thus making EVs more affordable and practical. Additionally, establishing dedicated lanes or parking spaces for EVs can provide tangible benefits, encouraging more people to make the switch to sustainable transportation.

Qaseem al Balushi 


This is a good move and we welcome it. I think it is at a very initial stage and will take time for people to get used to such type of non-oil vehicles. It will be nice if there are some special facilities like separate lanes. It will be an expensive matter but if we consider the long run, it is a good investment for our future.

Rajesh Kumar Singh


Expanding the charging infrastructure beyond fuel stations to public spaces, workplaces and residential areas will ensure widespread accessibility. There can also be awareness campaigns in colleges as well as offices.  Dedicated lanes and parking spaces for EVs will offer better facilities too.

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