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Suwaiq teacher retraces forefathers’ footsteps in 100km adventure

2 Jan 2024 Suwaiq teacher retraces forefathers’ footsteps in 100km adventure By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – Suwaiq-based history teacher Abdulaziz bin Rashid al Kiyumi, 40, has completed a 100km mountain hike which he claims is the first of its kind.

His adventure started at the Radar Peak in Jabal Shams, wilayat of Al Hamra in Dakhliyah, and ended on the Batinah coast in the wilayat of Suwaiq, North Batinah, covered in two and a half days.

Happy with his feat, Kiyumi said, “First and foremost, praise be to God Almighty, who enabled me to complete this adventure.”

Starting at Radar Peak in Jabal Shams, the route Kiyumi traversed took him through ancient mountain trails likely used by his forefathers. He encountered numerous challenges and difficulties, but his determination helped overcome these.

Kiyumi aimed to rekindle the spirit of adventure of our ancestors, while spreading the message of environmental preservation, promoting archaeological sites and encouraging active lifestyles for healthy living.

While also promoting domestic tourism, Kiyumi’s walk helped recall the struggles of his forefathers who traversed difficult terrain, fighting harsh weather conditions as they travelled

“Being a geography teacher, I enjoyed witnessing the diverse terrain from mountains to the coast – from the mountain top to the sea,” he explained.

He emphasised the significance of his adventure in showcasing the historical connections of people in the sultanate from different regions, and the trade exchange between mountain dwellers and those from the plains and the coast, often conducted after traversing long distances on foot using mountain trails.

The route took Kiyumi from Radar Peak in Jebel Shams to Aqaba on the first day, passing through Wadi al Sahtan. On the second day, he walked through the villages of Wadi Bani Ghafir, Wadi Bani Hani and the niyabat of Hawqain, where he rested for the night in the Kabija area. He reached the Batinah coast in Suwaiq on Day 3.

Kiyumi emphasised his commitment to documenting his journeys in not just engaging words but captivating visuals, too. He hopes to preserve this information for adventure sports enthusiasts and future generations who may benefit from his experiences.

Suwaiq-based history teacher Abdulaziz bin Rashid al Kiyumi, 40

Expressing his passion for mountains, Kiyumi cited the allure of clean air, challenging terrain, unique flora and fauna, and the friendly people.

He advises fellow adventure enthusiasts to prioritise safety and security, knowledge of the area, sufficient supply of water and food, a hiking stick, and quality equipment.

Kiyumi embarked on a similar mountain adventure 15 years ago, walking from the village of Kan in Wadi Mastal to Jabal Akhdar. Since then, he has explored numerous mountain roads in Wadi al Sahtan, Wadi Bani Ghafir and Wadi Bani Kharous.

His adventures have taken him to over 25 countries, walking the countryside by day and sleeping under stars at night.

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