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MHT invites bids for development of Dibba Castle

12 Dec 2023 MHT invites bids for development of Dibba Castle

Muscat – As part of its plan to privatise management of forts and castles in the sultanate, the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) is looking to partner with the private sector to develop Dibba Castle.

In a statement, MHT said, ‘The ministry is inviting competitive bids for the management and operations of Dibba Castle in Musandam governorate from local private companies and small and medium enterprises.’

According to the ministry, interested parties must submit a study that includes proposals for marketing the site commercially and culturally, holding artistic and cultural events and workshops, and introducing various activities to revive the monument. Proposals must highlight the architectural uniqueness of the monument and involve the local community in cultural and social events.

The castle was built by the Portuguese as part of their fortification efforts in the Arabian Gulf. Historical sources document the fact that Imam Nasir bin Murshid al Yarubi wanted to take over the fort in his efforts to tighten control over Sohar and its fortress in 1043 AH (1633 AD).

‘As part of our efforts to support the national economy and benefit from the presence of historical structures in the country, the ministry has floated a tender for management and development of Dibba Castle,’ the MHT stated.

The ministry will allow investors to manage and operate the castle for a period of three years.
The castle is surrounded by a wall – 64m by 62m – built of mud and stone. Its main entrance has a circular tower with a wooden door having inscriptions, and a ballista that was used to throw incendiary liquids on attackers.

The deadline for bid submission is January 11, 2024.

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