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People in Oman can celebrate ‘White Christmas’ at Snow Oman

22 Dec 2022 By ANIRBAN RAY

Spread over nearly 15,000sqm, Snow Oman – Oman’s first and only ‘snow park’, nestled within Mall of Oman – throws open its doors to the public this Christmas eve (December 24), offering patrons a unique opportunity to enjoy all the trappings of Europe’s wintry weather

You can see your own breath pour out in rhythmic gusts (in much the same way as in peak winter in Europe), your palms freeze within woollen gloves, and you’ve got to be careful to maintain your stance amid the snow ridden terrain… You are in Oman… Snow Oman, to be precise!

On Christmas eve (December 24), this much-awaited, thrilling expanse, providing an out-of-Arabia experience within Mall of Oman, will open up to the public to usher in the winter in Oman. And from what a preview of this first-of-its kind ‘snow park’ revealed to the media yesterday, it’s going to be a big hit with people in Oman (who have experienced temperatures touching 50º C), to walk in a precinct with sub-zero temperatures and snow flakes to boot.

In the distance, you see children play around shimmering igloos and pine trees. Penguins swim around a pool of chilly waters, and snow flakes slowly cover the area, forming a blanket of white, in much the same manner as in the Alps. For many, it can be the right place to enjoy Christmas festivities in a new way.

Snow Oman is the biggest indoor snow entertaining park in the region, spanning an area of 14,830sqm. It is also the largest indoor snow park in the MENA region, featuring a total of 21 rides and attractions, including family-friendly rides such as the Mountain Thriller, Snow Bullet, Slide Winder, Cloud Climber, and Zorb Ball, unique attractions such as Cold Town Muscat, Frozen Shipwreck, Lighthouse, and a 475sqm ice rink.

Mohammad el Etri, vice president, Global Snow, Majid al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment and Cinemas said, “With a staff of 170 round the clock, Snow Oman is the new edutainment facility of the country. Made with latest technologies and innovation, the park can accommodate as many as 2500 people in a day. People need a reason, these days, to come to the malls, and along with shopping, it is always a pleasure to have some fun and gain some knowledge.”

Unlike other snow parks in many parts of the world, the snow here is real. Made with air and water with the help of 15 snow-guns, real soft snow creates the real feeling of being amid cold mountains. To add to the facilities, the park has two indoor restaurants with heaters and party rooms with views of the penguins.

Niamh Queeney, Corporate Communications manager of Majid al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment and Cinemas, said, “Like its sister brands Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt, Snow Oman appeals to a wide range of audiences, including kids, teens, and families. The first ever snow park was opened in 2005 in Dubai, called Ski Dubai. In 2017, Ski Egypt opened in the Mall of Egypt, and now its Snow Oman. In 2023, we will continue to expand our footprint with the opening of Snow Abu Dhabi.”


Ice Rink

Offers skaters a safe place to skate with the capacity for 30 people, covering an area of 475sqm

Snow Blocks

Here guests can work together as a team to construct a magnificent igloo.

Penguin Show

The Penguin Show demonstrates a variety of penguins’ natural behaviour with lighthearted storytelling.

Penguinarium and Ice Cave

Guests can get up close and personal with ‘king’ and ‘gentoo’ penguins.

Frozen Lighthouse

Standing before guests as they enter the snow park is the astonishing Frozen Lighthouse, one of the signature visual icons of the snow park.

Party Rooms

Party Room with a balcony view, is a perfect nautically-inspired space for entertaining parties and hosting private events.

Roller Glider

The Roller Glider is an aerial ride, which combines the thrill of free falling and hang gliding into one ride.

Frozen Shipwreck

Adventurous guests can attempt to climb aboard the ship via a net bridge, or take a more easily accessible route.

Cloud Climber

A space for parents to watch as their kids climb a series of beautifully customised, gently undulating, snowflake-like platforms securely suspended.

Other attractions

The other attractions include Family Sled Hill and Family Sled Run, Cold Town Muscat, Mountain Thriller, Zorbs and Sled Hills.


The tariff begins at RO12.5 per person – many packages are available.

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