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CPA warns against PCR test price hike in private institutes

5 Jun 2021

The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) has cautioned the private health sector to adhere to the costs set by the Ministry of Health (MoH) for various laboratory tests related to COVID-19. The authority will follow up on the costs and inspect health institutions for strict adherence, the CPA stated in a circular.

‘In view of the measures taken by the sultanate’s government to limit the spread of the COVID-19, and the establishment of a mechanism for regulating the costs of COVID-19 examinations in private health institutions by the MoH, and out of the belief that the authority has complimentary role for joint action between government agencies, we would like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the authority will follow up on the prices in health institutions for COVID-19 examinations that the ministry has set.’ 

The authority called on private health institutions to adhere to the prices set by the MoH according to its circular No 16/2021, which guarantees the right of the recipient of health services and protects them from exploitation. 

According to the Directorate General of Private Health Establishments, the MoH, the cost for RTPCR test for which report is issued in one to two days is RO15. For (Point of Care) POC-PCR test, with report due within a day, the cost is RO25 and for RDT antigen test it is RO7.

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