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Omani among 30 featured in book on entrepreneurship

5 Apr 2021 By ANIRBAN RAY

Oman’s well-known IT expert Tariq Hilal al Barwani is the only Omani who has been featured among 30 entrepreneurs in a recently launched bookavailable in Amazon. Written by mindset coach and international speaker Cornell Thomas, the book is titled Game Of Death: A Survivors Guide To Entrepreneurship. 

The book showcases a hidden gem of entrepreneurship – collaboration. Thomas asked 30 of his friends from all over the globe to share their knowledge and expertise. Entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US shared how they overcome tough times with their expertise, skills and will-power. The featured experts include CEOs, GMs, directors, innovators, professionals from industries including the telecom, oil and gas, industry, technology, business, education, etc. 

Barwani said, “We need to develop our skills and mindset in such a manner that there is no dependence on anyone for our source of livelihood. At these times of uncertainties, we have to make ourselves equipped with new learning and knowledges. It is a fast changing world and adaptability, will-power, vision and collaboration are the need of the hour. I am happy to be featured in this book and hopefully my inclusion will inspire more Omanis to be entrepreneurs.”

Thomas has said, “If the year 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the term ‘job security’ is just an antiquated pipe dream that doesn’t actually exist. There have been millions of human beings that have been forced to not only create work, but also try to survive while doing so. If you do not have the ability to create and adapt, then you will always be at the mercy of the next thing that happens.”

The preface to the book reads, ‘Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is NOT easy. Real entrepreneurs understand how valuable the mind is in relation to creating a business. It’s the foundation of your business even before you start it. Without a strong foundation the first storm you experience will wipe it all away, and this unfortunately happens more times than not. This game of entrepreneurship is not one to be taken lightly, and despite the sheer beauty of it, it’s also riddled with adversity, solitude, and hardship.’


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