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Oman Post raises awareness on whale and dolphin conservation with 5 new stamps

22 Dec 2020

Raising awareness on the sultanate’s precious marine life, Oman Post, an Asyad member company, has launched a new series of stamps, ‘Whales and Dolphins of Oman’. 

Created in coordination with the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), the set of stamps depict five of the endemic and endangered cetaceans that swim in the coastal waters, namely the Arabian Sea humpback whale, Indian Ocean humpback dolphin, Northern Indian Ocean blue whale, spinner dolphin, and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

Philatelists and wildlife enthusiasts alike can enjoy the stamps’ special issue, and their associated first day covers, souvenir sheets, and post cards.

The seas of the sultanate occupy an isolated corner of the Indian Ocean, where some of the world’s most varied and biologically productive waters are found. ESO estimates there are around 20 different species of cetaceans, including whales, dolphins and porpoises, some of which are critically endangered. The biggest threats to their populations include entanglement in fishing gear, noise pollution, risk of ship strikes and habitat loss as a result of increasing development.

“We wanted to showcase some of the amazing and unique marine life that call Oman’s waters home. Our marine environment is one of the things that makes Oman a must-visit destination, but this can only be the case if it continues to be protected. We are glad to be supporting the Environment Society of Oman in their conservation efforts, and our stamps serve as a reminder that we all need to do our part to collectively work towards the goal of saving these beautiful creatures,” said Rami al Lawati, manager – Stamps & Philatelic at Oman Post. 

“We hope that philatelists and wildlife lovers will enjoy the stamps and be reminded of the importance of securing Oman’s whale and dolphin populations for the future.”

ESO has been active in its conservation efforts which focus on improving the numbers of cetaceans through scientific research, better defining distribution, identifying, assessing and helping mitigate threats through conservation management recommendations and action, and enhancing environmental education in Oman.

Suaad al Harthi, executive director at the ESO, added, “We are grateful to Oman Post for its support to this cause and for highlighting the importance of preserving the sultanate’s natural heritage. Raising awareness on the unique whale and dolphin species that exist in Oman’s waters will help us gain more support for conservation initiatives from a wider audience. Recognising the species that exist in Oman and the threats that they face helps us to prioritise the needs of the environment and remain diligent stewards of Oman’s biodiversity.”

The new stamps can now be reserved by emailing Oman Post at [email protected]


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