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Oman ranked 48th in world in mobile Internet speed

15 Nov 2020

Mobile Internet speed in Oman is better than many developed European and South Asian countries, according to the world’s leading Internet speed test provider, Ookla.

The Speedtest Global Index by Ookla compares Internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis. Data for the index comes from hundreds of millions of tests taken every month and over 10mn unique tests conducted every day using Speedtest.

The index for September 2020 shows that Oman is ranked 48th in the world with mobile Internet download speed of 39.20Mbps and upload speed of 15.29Mbps. Oman is far from being in the top ten but ensures better speed for its users than countries like Spain (50th), the UK (56th), Japan (58th), Malaysia (81st), Russia (88th), India (131st) and some other countries.

Countries from the GCC are among the best with the UAE ranked third in the world for 

mobile Internet speed (109.43Mbps), Qatar fourth (92.85Mbps), Saudi Arabia seventh (76.37Mbps), Kuwait 17th (57.39Mbps), and Bahrain 36th (42.85Mbps).

South Korea (121Mbps) tops the index, followed by China (113.35Mbps) in the second place and the Netherlands ranked fifth (79.70Mbps). 

Speedtest estimated the global average download speed in September was 35.96Mbps and upload speed was 11.22Mbps for mobile Internet. 

For fixed broadband, the global average for download was 85.73Mbps and 45.74Mbps for upload.

In terms of fixed broadband speed, Oman is ranked 72nd (45.65Mbps) in the world, while the UAE is at 28th rank (118.52Mbps) leading in the GCC. 

The Emirates is followed by Kuwait at 32nd rank (111.03Mbps), Qatar at 44th (89.59Mbps), Saudi Arabia at 49th (73.45Mbps) and Bahrain at 63rd (49.92Mbps).

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