Dutch police seizes MH17 debris from reporter

The Hague - 

Dutch police has seized from a journalist, several items that he found at the crash site of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, including possible human remains, prosecutors said on Sunday.

Freelancer Michel Spekkers was met by police as he returned to Schiphol airport late on Saturday after visiting the region and writing an article about his discovery at the site.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 passenger jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur killing all 298 on board, most of them Dutch citizens.

A criminal investigation concluded in September that a BUK missile, transported from Russia, slammed into the plane after being fired from a field in war-torn Ukraine.

Prosecutors said in a statement on Sunday that Spekkers had “refused to hand over photographic and film material from the crash site” when he arrived at the airport near Amsterdam.

The material including “various bags with metal parts and an object which may be human remains” would now “be examined as soon as possible”.

Spekkers tweeted late on Saturday he had “voluntarily” handed over the items, but in the end there was “a total seizure” of his possessions including his camera, telephone and laptop.

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