Omanis line up to apply for jobs in Qatar

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At least 500 people visited Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on Saturday to apply for the recently announced job vacancies in Qatar. Candidates from different regions of the sultanate came to apply for jobs in Qatar’s internal security and in the Ministry of Interior.

“We will continue receiving applications until this Tuesday. Candidates can hand in their applications from 7am to 1pm,” a senior ROP official said. “A committee from Qatar is taking care of the medical check-ups and interviews. We are to here maintain order during the application process.”

Conditions for applicants include that their age should not exceed 22 years and date of birth must be on or after June 1, 1989. All aspiring jobseekers for internal security need to have a minimum height of 167cm and those applying for the Ministry of Interior vacancies have to be at least 175cm tall.

Abdulaziz al Shekaili, one of the candidates who had completed his application process told Muscat Daily, “ After a medical check-up, and measurement of height and weight, I had to go for an interview. The committee told me that those of us who  pass will be called later.”

Salaries were high with the internal security positions offering QR10,700 (RO1,130 approx) and the Ministry of Interior jobs at QR7,500 (RO795). The benefits package also includes free medical treatment, annual vacation of 45 days, tickets to home and back every two years, and 12 days of emergency leave annually.

Muscat Daily spoke to some of the applicants, most of whom have been looking for a job for a while now. Omar al Nofli said, “We need a solution for the high unemployment numbers in Oman. We are fed up of waiting at home and some of us have come long distances, like from Dhofar, because we need jobs.”

Some had to return disappointed, not having satisfied the specific date criteria with regard to age. Humood al Gharbi said, “I have a technician’s certificate and came all the way from Suwaiq but my application was not accepted.

The age is specified in the newspapers as 22 years only, but when we arrived at the sports complex, everyone was told that the date of birth should not be before June 1, 1989.” Added Hilal al Qitaiti from Khaboura, “I think there shouldn’t be a condition regarding age when we are competing for jobs. We need jobs with good salaries and we have suffered a lot waiting for jobs.”

Man'a al Mamari from Shinas summed up in one line, what was uppermost in almost all the jobseeker’s minds: “I am trying my luck here today, though I wish to get a job in Oman. But if I don’t get a job here, I have no other choice but to work abroad.”

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