Not-so-trivial travail

For the past eight Decembers, it’s been the quintessential dilemma (if quintessential is the word I want) whether to start the TT by wishing a very happy birthday to the two precious young ladies in my life or to wait till I have finished with the trivial stuff and wish them at the end?

Have succumbed to the trivial stuff till now but enough is enough… . As someone intelligent had once observed “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party,” one not so intelligent pleb would like it to be known that good man is this man-yours faithfully, me, aamee, moi who will not only come to the aid of the party but will aid and abet a party; specially if there is the draught of vintage waiting out there ready to be imbibed, which can then be introduced to the milk of human kindness already sloshing inside and together they can have a party of their own - sloshing, swishing, swashing and splashing inside!

So let the party begin and let’s strike a compromise and aid and abet that party by wishing one young lady now and the other, after the not-so-trivial stuff! As our little one stepped into a new decade yesterday, in the country of the Bard and the maestro - Shakespeare and Wodehouse, she rang in her big three-o with friends and ex-colleagues, and though she was in their neck of the woods (also known as neighbourhood for the uninitiated), her guest list didn’t include Harry and Meghan (who were apparently busy celebrating their engagement) nor William and Kate (who were busy preparing for the arrival of their third baby).

And of course, didn’t include the nice couple who had just celebrated their 70th anniversary and were busy preparing for their retirement! Happy birthday Rhea - wishing you happiness and good health and may you get everything you desire and aspire for! And now for some not-so-trivial travail…strange coincidence but only last fortnight in TT one had tried sarcasm, which obviously turned into ‘sarchasm’ as it indeed sped past the audience it was meant for, without being noticed. One had written that “those who still insist on texting while driving and not using their indicators, we are thankful that you have not yet had an accident and are grateful that there are some very fine hospitals here to recover in, when you do…for texting while driving and not using the indicator, will sooner rather than later, lead you to a bed in the hospital of your choice. Which may be fine for you but definitely not fine for the other party who you would hit...the normal (euphemism for sane) people still do prefer the bed at home!”

That what one had been repeatedly warning against and had dreaded, unfortunately came true when we heard that our younger one’s friend and ex-colleague, and her mother, who were walking near their home, were the victims of a hit-and-run case as an apparent devil behind the wheel (must have been texting) had hit both the ladies from behind with such force that they were catapulted into the air and thrown across the road.

The friend has a broken neck and a fractured rib cage with a ruptured lung and is in the ICU fighting for her life and even if she comes out of this ordeal she may be left paralysed, though we are all praying and hoping for a miracle.

Her mother is still in a coma and is critical. The lives of an entire family have been turned upside down because of one irresponsible animal that did not even have the courtesy, courage or compassion to stop and help the victims of his rash driving by taking them to the hospital. To that person who so callously hit the mother and daughter and left them bleeding on the road - how can you even sleep knowing what you have done; knowing that you have ruined the lives of an entire family? How can your family allow you to take refuge behind your cowardice and not force you to turn yourself in to the police and own up to your dastardly crime?

How can you even continue living your normal life knowing that you left them behind for dead? As Harper Lee wrote “Doesn’t the food stick going down your throat?” I wish you suffer like you have made this family suffer, I wish you pain, I wish you lose everything that is dear to you and I wish that you rot in the depths of depression where your actions come to haunt you and there is no reprieve. To all you other drivers who are reading this and who think they are driving on the F1 tracks - it can happen to any one! So please, please for Heaven’s sake do NOT text and drive and please be extremely careful while driving.

A little bit of caution could save a life! And because I am so angry with the fact that this moron, this idiot, this vile scum of this earth has not yet been picked up and put behind bars for life, am not going to be facetious and will not end this TT with the signature ‘random thoughts’. After the not-so-trivial travail, here’s wishing Neha - our elder one a very happy birthday as she becomes another year younger on the 8th. May the years ahead be filled with peace, tranquility and everything nice! And to my young friend who just turned 50 - welcome to the greener side of the hill DK! Keeping up with these milestones, the Louis Armstrong of Oman turns a young 70 on the 15th. Shall shake a leg or two while you sing ‘Hello Dolly’ and the friends sing “Hello Fudli - you are looking swell Fudli. Happy birthday Fudli!” Till next fortnight... .

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