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How successful will the newly announced black point system be in curbing rash driving?

Dr John Philips Mathew, Ministry staff

The new black point system implemented by the ROP is commendable. It will decrease the number of fatal road accidents. The purpose of such a point system is to identify and penalise traffic violators. The system will ensure both drivers and passengers are alert and cautious.

Mudassif Thazhe Purayil, Software engineer

The newly announced system will be very effective in reducing the number of accidents in Oman. It’s like the yellow and red cards issued to football players who commit foul. Using mobile phones and lack of concentration are the main reasons for accidents. Seatbelts for all passengers and child safety restraints are also mandatory.

Waniya Usman, Student

The ROP has announced the black point system along with fines to tackle rash and careless driving. Motorists need to be alert and have a code of conduct while on the road. Finally, I can heave a sigh of relief as my father will not use Google Maps while driving the car anymore.

Hamed al Habsi, Real estate sector

The new system will definitely help curb rash driving as it will instill fear in drivers. It will go a long way in instilling discipline in drivers.

Hamed al Mukhaini, Government employee

We should have been given more time to adjust to the new rules. More awareness drives should have been conducted before implementing it.

Mohammed Nissar, Sales executive

Oman has finally adopted the black point system, which is a standard practice in developed nations. This will greatly help in reducing accidents, which are down already. It will curb rash behaviour on roads. But more needs to be done to make people aware of the changes in rules.

Dr Rajalakshmi Rajasekaran, Senior medical claims staff

Driving is a necessity in Oman due to lack of proper public transport system. Things are improving but a lot of places are still not connected with public transport system. So, with current change in rules people will think twice before driving recklessly.

Sameera Mohammed al Balushi, Assistant manager

It will be very successful. The prospect of having your licence confiscated coupled with more fines will keep motorists in control. This is another good initiative by the ROP which is commendable.

Mohamed Appas Abdul Jabbar, Senior manager

It will make people more responsible. The wealthy who have no problem paying the fines too, will be scared due to the fear of licence confiscation. It evens the playing field. I applaud the ROP for their continuous efforts to keep us safe.

What do you feel about decreasing the validity of driving licences of expatriates to two years?

Eng Ashraf Chowdhury, Businessman

I welcome the move as it will prevent people from misusing their licences abroad. There are many expatriates who permanently exit Oman and when they go back to their home country, use it randomly wherever needed.

Taposh Chowdhury, Private sector employee

Reducing the validity of driving licences of expatriates to two years is a good idea because it will force people to be more careful. One of the rules states that 12 black points accrued over a year will be followed by suspension of licence. This will ensure safety on roads.

Hazi Gufraan, Businessman

The ROP probably has good reasons for bringing about a rule like this, but I think that the renewal fee should be reduced from RO20 to RO10, so that there is some sort of relief.

Amrita Patra, Customer service manager

The public transport system in Oman is yet to be improved. Taxis too are not regulated and still expensive. Having a driving licence is mandatory when you are working as it helps in commuting. Now, many will be discouraged from applying for a driving licence.

Suchismita Sahoo, Homemaker

 It’s same like for a resident card. So, what we used to spend to get a driving license renewed after ten years will now have to be paid every two years. This will mean more expenditure for expatriates. The ROP might have their reasons for introducing this rule but to me it seems unjustified. Now, I regret having taken all the pain to avail a driving licence. At least they could have introduced it after improving public transport system.

Summiaya Khalique, Communications specialist

It’s fine as long as the renewal fee is not high and we don’t have to wait a long time for getting licences. The procedure should be made simpler.

Muhammad Tasleem, ICT manager

This decision will discourage many from going for a driving licence. So now what we paid in ten years for renewing licence will have to be paid every two years. Our expenses will increase. The ROP may have their reasons for such a decision but I feel it’s not fair. It will adversely impact those in the low income group.

N Balamurali, Sales engineer

Only skilled drivers should be entitled to a driving licence for a long time. Though, initially it will be hard to digest but over a period of time this rule will make an impact and bring down the number of accidents. It would be a good idea to make it mandatory to produce a medical certificate before getting approval for a licence.

Summiaya Khalique

Communications specialist It’s fine as long as the renewal fee is not high and we don’t have to wait a long time for getting licences. The procedure should be made simpler.

Anand Kunhiraman, Accounts supervisor

 It is a positive step. But it should have been applied only on new drivers so that they are more cautious while driving. However, everyone understands that laws are made stringent to ensure safety of road users.

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