Word on the street: Training in automatic cars

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

What do you think about the new decision allowing men to train in automatic transmission cars?

Boby Thomas, Marketing specialist

It’s an excellent decision by the government. It will benefit new applicants. The decision will also benefit the automobile industry. It would also mean manual gear vehicles may eventually be phased out in Oman.

K R Ramnath, Finance manager

It is a good move as nowadays, everyone prefers automatic transmission vehicles only. It will also be a boost to the automobile industry.

Ruzario Fernandes, Credit analyst

It is definitely a great move by the ROP and we were eagerly waiting for it. It’s like a dream come true for many people who were planning to apply for driving licences.

Marhoon al Saidi, Private sector employee

The decision will affect the market positively as more people would train and buy new cars. Many truck drivers too have been demanding to train in automatic vehicles.

Nasser al Hosni, Businessman

Most cars available in the sultanate are automatic transmission ones. If the decision is applicable to heavy vehicles then it will be useful for truck and bus drivers who travel long distances.

Sultan Saif Khamis al Mazroui, Director General

The decision is a positive one as it shows the government is abreast with the developments in the transport sector. Most of the vehicles in Oman are currently automatic. I hope this will encourage many Omanis to set up driving schools.

Do you think that the decision should have come much earlier? Would you be happy if the rule was implemented immediately?

Prashant Patra, Businessman

It hardly makes a difference when it is implemented as you end up using an automatic car once you get licence in Oman. So, it makes sense to learn driving in an automatic vehicle. However, learning on a manual car has its advantages. You get to learn a lot and know the vehicle well.

Sankar C, Assistant manager

Ninety-five per cent of the cars on the roads in Oman are automatic gear ones. So, why learn in a manual transmission car and waste time and resources. I fail to understand why they need a year to implement the decision.

Mohammed Irfan, Accounts manager

The decision has been welcomed by those who do not want to drive a manual transmission vehicle. However, I don’t understand why wait for a year to implement the decision.

Rashad al Wahaibi, Government employee

One year is too long to shift from manual to automatic system. Someone who is taking lessons now too should be given the option to train in automatic cars. Most instructors have both automatic and manual transmission cars and so there is no need to wait.

Syed Aleem, Optometrist  

I wish this decision had come earlier so that I could have got my licence by now. After trying for over a year, and passing the drums and slope, I gave up as I couldn’t clear the test on a manual car. We should get the option to choose now.

Adil al Saidi, Driving instructor

We have been waiting for this decision. We are ready to change the car as soon as possible, so one year is a long time. I would have preferred it to happen sooner. This is a blessing for both instructors and students.

Would you now prefer to go for an automatic car?

Ibrahim Chowdhury, Businessman

I will opt for an automatic because it not only saves effort but also money. Automatic is far easier to drive in. Women were granted the option to train in an automatic car long back. It is time men too get the chance.

Kazi Rashed, Businessman

I will go for an automatic car because these days manual transmission vehicles are getting obsolete. It is also easier and faster to learn driving in an automatic transmission car.

Nurul Islam, Businessman

I will opt to train in a manual gear car as it is important to know how it operates. Automatic cars are easier to operate but the knowledge of operating manual transmission cars will help me when needed.

Hussain al Yasiry, Business consultant

I think both are fine. However, training in a manual transmission vehicle would do no harm. But, it is again a choice that should be given to people.

Ahmed Hamood al Hashami, Public relations officer

The advantage of a manual transmission is that you get an insight into how the vehicle works. You also get additional control. Also, a manual transmission car can be more frugal than an automatic if driven properly. However, learners should be given a choice.

Jalal Abu Thina, Businessmen

Training in a manual transmission vehicle is an advantage. Once trained, motorists can opt to let the car do the work or override the transmission by selecting the ratio they want in situations warranted.

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