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Do you think events like Tour of Oman are successful in promoting cycling and tourism in the sultanate?

Akbar Saeed, Student

Tour of Oman is an international cycling event which sees participants from around the world. Surely, it creates a buzz about Oman when news is telecast all over the world. It has been a wonderful addition to the Muscat Festival over the last few years. After the new agreement, the event will continue for another six years in Oman.

Mohammad Rafi, Accountant

It is a good example of how hosting an international event like the Tour of Oman can boost the destination’s visibility and tourism potential in the international market. It is also successful in showcasing the countryside to the many participants as well as the support staff. However, arrangements should be made to telecast the sport live in Oman as well as internationally.

Haitham al Farsi, Banker

Yes, as the event hosts participants from across the world. When the participants and other staff accompanying them see the beautiful landscape, they will spread the word about the beauty of Oman. I am sure this will be a boost to tourism and other sports in the country.

Badour al Salhi, Private sector employee

The Tour of Oman has been successful in promoting cycling and tourism in the country. It helps highlight the archaeological landmarks and the natural landscape of the sultanate. I would like to set up camps in the mountains during the tour so that I can support cyclists and also spread awareness about adventure sports.

Moosa al Balushi, Artist

Oman is probably the only Arab country that organises such events on a big scale. Participants of Tour of Oman help show the world the tourist attractions in the country as a lot of international television channels too cover the event.

Ali al Balushi, Drifting instructor

The Tour of Oman is a major sporting event as the whole world has its eyes on Oman during the period. Such events support tourism and boost  local economy. 

Do you think there should be more international events like the Tour of Oman?

Mohammad Jahed, Businessman

Yes, because such events will make Oman visible in the international arena. We should definitely host more international events like the Football World Cup to make Oman popular.

Abu Sayed, Businessman

Such international events help generate jobs in the local market. Also, such sports encourage people to take health issues seriously. I think that beach games can be a good option as Oman has some of the best beaches. Also, hiking and other such events too can be hosted regularly.

Jewel Wahid, Businessman

There should be more such events of international repute as they help project the country’s potential in all aspects. I think along with sports, musical concerts and film festivals too are a good way of bringing glory and fame to the country.

Ammar Mohsin, Bank employee

We should have more international events like these if we want to promote Oman as a tourist-friendly destination. Oman should also host cultural nights and big international sporting events like Football World Cup to build itself as a brand.

Richard Altera, IT expert

It is important to host more international events and more frequently. The world needs to know Oman and such events are good to promote tourism. We need to be like Dubai which every now and then hosts big sporting events like jet skiing, volleyball and kayaking.

Ishaq Mohammed, Oil sector employee

Such events are good to promote Oman’s tourism. Sports events are a good way to generate interest and grab the attention of the world. Oman can utilise its tourism potential to host beach sports.

Do you think Oman has the infrastructure to host such big ticket events?

Manoj Kumar Behera, IT professional

Yes, if you are aiming for events that serve a commercial purpose then many parameters need to be considered. Oman’s opening up of the visa process has helped a lot. The rest of the parameters to be considered are in place already. That is why today it is a wedding, MICE, sports and an adventure destination. The list is endless.

Nithin Lalu, Brand executive

Oman has a state-of-the-art convention centre where lots of international events take place. We have many luxurious hotels and resorts that are capable of hosting international events. It is serving as a destination for weddings, sports and adventure. Thanks to His Majesty the Sultan’s vision Oman is leaving no stone unturned in pitching for big ticket events.

Jithin M J, Graphic designer

Instead of focusing only on oil for revenues, Oman is looking at diversification. This is because, it has a strong infrastructure to conduct events like Tour of Oman. It is also projecting itself as a wedding and MICE destination.

Ayida Abdullah al Balushi, Accounts officer

Oman has been hosting such international events for years. However, the sultanate ensures things are done properly and not in a rush. The frequency of such events will increase gradually as the infrastructure improves.

Girish Ramachandra, Motor underwriter

A few years ago it would have been impossible to host international scale events in Nizwa, Sohar and Salalah. But, now all these places have world-class hotels. Places like Jebel Akhdar too are today prepared to host events at world-class hotels.

Nasra Khalfan al Amri, Customer service manager

We have a new airport, an international standard convention centre and a world-class road network. Oman Air is catering to more international destinations. There are more hotels to cater to the tourism rush. These are all indicators that Oman has all that it needs to host large-scale international events.

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