Word on the street: Celebrating National Day

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

How did you celebrate National Day? What according to you is the best way to celebrate the National Day?

Anil Singdeo, Senior engineer

Since it was weekend, celebrations were more fun as people did not have to forgo their work commitments. We went to Amerat to see the fireworks and then roamed around the city to see the lighting. There is no match to the way Oman celebrates its National Day.

Sonali Dash, Homemaker

National Day and celebrations go hand in hand. The city is dressed like a bride and it looks very beautiful. A lot of effort goes into beautifying the city. We went around the city to see the lighting and fireworks. It feels nice to gather and watch together. This is how you must celebrate National Day.

Sarju Patra, HSE supervisor

We went out with friends and family to see the beautiful decorations. It felt nice to see people coming out of their homes to commemorate the day and not limiting the celebrations to themselves. A lot of programmes too were organised at different places. This is the best way to celebrate National Day.

Saleh al Jabri, Sailing instructor

This year’s celebrations have been one of the most joyous ones as we saw His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said preside over the National Day parade. Children and women too joined in the celebrations with us this year by waving flags and beating drums. The best way to celebrate the day is by cherishing the development of Oman. It is also a day to remember the vision of His Majesty the Sultan.

Yaqoub al Jabri, Private sector employee

National Day is very special for us. We wish His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said remains our leader forever and we follow his footsteps. We also wish the country safety and security. Celebrating the day with fireworks is a good way to show joy.

Moidur Rahman, Station manager

For the National Day, like every year, we decorated our office with flags and balloons. We got together with our colleagues and celebrated the day by organising a party. Like every year, we went out to see the fireworks.

Bablu Chowdhury, Businessman

It is a day when every Omani and non-Omani come together and celebrate. Since it was a Saturday, I went out to see the fireworks and the lighting everywhere. I don’t think any other country organises such grand celebrations.

Muneer al Balushi, Travel agent

We celebrated the National Day by decorating our cars and parading on the road with friends. We also shopped to avail the special offers. However, I don’t think honking on the streets and making noise are good ways to celebrate. There should be designated areas where people can dance and rejoice. Blocking roads causes inconvenience to others.

Jerrin Issac, Tour coordinator

I celebrated the National Day with my Omani friends by parading on the roads and driving around. We also celebrated the day at our workplaces.

Yusra S, Writer

We have been celebrating National Day by taking part in programmes around the town. I think the best way to celebrate is by joining competitions like how Oman had contested to create the Guinness World Record for the largest Lego flag in the world. Events like these show the unity.


What changes would you like to see in Oman over the next five years?

Aziza al Habsi, CEO

I hope Oman continues its efforts towards maintaining peace and internal security. I wish to see the civil society organisations actively contribute to building the country. The sultanate should also give due importance to scientific research.

Sameer Masoud, Technician

The standard of living is rising and so it has become important that people start saving, a habit that will do good in difficult times. I wish we could have solar panels installed in every home. It’s eco-friendly and easy to maintain. This would also help rein in the electricity bills.

Nabila Jamal, Private sector employee

I wish Oman continues to march towards development at the same pace. A lot of work has been done to help the country progress so much. Omanis should work hard to maintain the country’s position.

Ziad al Daghishi, Senior officer web sales

I would like to see all Omanis employed. The Omanisation rate needs to be increased and high positions should be occupied by citizens. The youth in the country also should work more. We would like to see better services in telecommunications, Internet and more flexibility in the TRA guidelines.

Khalil al Balushi, Aviation technician

I am hoping for further development in all sectors in the coming years. Establishment of railways, skyscrapers, amusement parks and basic services in tourist spots are some aspects to be focused on. The tourism sector too needs to be revamped so that it can contribute to the national income.

Suad al Mahrouqi, Supervisor

Omani youth should be given more opportunities in the public and private sectors. More youth should also think of starting their own businesses to increase sultanate’s revenues. I also hope that the sultanate reduces the use of oil derivatives and replaces them with non-oil projects.

Syed Aleem, Sales manager

I want Oman to open its doors to the world as I feel it has a lot to offer to tourists looking to explore the real Arabia. For that, a lot of development is required in the interiors where tourists can see the culture and tradition.

Senthil Kumar Balasubramanian, Assistant manager

Oman has huge potential to become a popular tourist destination and efforts are being made towards this. But, I believe it needs to do more to put itself on the world map.

Ali al Amri, Assistant manager

I would like to see an Oman that has a robust economy, especially as a hub for tourist activity.

Nasir Mahmud, Businessman

I would want Oman to be a more progressive state and one which promotes itself as a hub of investment and trade. I think the strategic location of Oman can be made use of especially in the logistics and transport sector.

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