Word on the street: Celebrating Eid al Adha

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Q1. Do you think holidays should be announced at least a fortnight in advance?

Mahir Ghulam, Student

It will surely help those who plan to take holiday breaks abroad, but for a majority of people who spend Eid with their families inside Oman, it is only a matter of time. For us, what matters is how long the holidays will be.

Arif al Balushi, Manager

Eid al Fitr depends on moon sighting and hence it is difficult to declare holidays in advance but for Eid al Adha we know about ten days in advance when the festival will be. So delaying the announcement till the very last moment is something that needs to change.

Sunil Wandhare, Retail manager

Across the GCC and even in countries like Pakistan and Egypt holidays were announced last week or even before. Oman could also have done the same and given people some time to prepare for their holidays.

Mohammed Yasin, Private sector employee

This question arises every year. I think authorities should take a note and announce the holidays well in advance so that people can plan their vacations better. A lot of expats want to travel abroad and it will help if we know about the dates earlier.


Faiz al Balushi, Oil and gas sector employee

This year government has delayed the announcement a bit too much. At least Eid al Adha holidays can be announced with the start of the month of Dhul Hijja. As Eid falls on the 10th day of this month, there is no ambiguity about the dates of the festival like during Eid al Fitr when we have to wait till the last day of Ramadan. 

Yousef al Balushi, Government employee

Eid al Adha holidays can be announced at the start of the month itself after the moon is sighted. There is no point declaring the holidays late.

Q2. What do you think is special during Eid al Adha festival? How do you plan to spend your Eid break this year?

Daanish Syed, Legal consultant

Sacrifice is something special about Eid al Adha. This festival teaches us how to sacrifice something we love a lot. This is done remembering the sacrifice by Prophet Ibrahim. We also give alms. I plan to do a lot of shopping and also visit my family and friends.

Merva Fathy, Office coordinator

Eid al Adha is an opportunity to prepare delicious food. It is also a time for us to spend time with family and friends and pray that we can fufil our responsibilities. It is also a time to offer sacrifices.

Asad Liaqat, Leasing manager

Eid al Adha is not very different from Eid al Fitr in terms of praying and meeting friends and relatives. Sacrificing is a major element of Eid al Adha. We also distribute meat that is sacrificed. A variety of food is prepared at home.

Talha Nazir, Fleet manager

Every Muslim has his or her own way of celebrating Eid al Adha. My family prepares a lot of sweets much in advance for the special day. We also indulge in a lot of shopping, especially the women in the family. We offer prayers in the morning which is followed by sacrifice.

Zohaib Ahmed, Chartered accountant

Offering prayers is the first priority during both Eids. Then, we offer sacrifice remembering Prophet Ibrahim. This is one time when the whole family spends time together. I plan to invite friends and relatives.


Sultan al Rawahi, Private sector employee

Eid al Adha is special. The day starts with Eid prayers, followed by sacrifice and then shopping at malls. I plan to visit many tourists sites in Oman such as the Al Hoota Cave and Salalah to enjoy the khareef season.

Q3. Would you be splurging as usual this Eid or is there some sort of caution on spending?

Mohammed al Harthy, Teacher

I love to spend money on Eid as one has to do a lot of shopping and offer sacrifices. I also plan to travel in the country, but I will definitely be cautious while spending.

Msellem Salum Sufian, , Driver

There will be some sort of caution due to the economic crisis this Eid. Things have become expensive and salaries are being delayed. We need to be careful when we shop so that we don’t end up in debt.

Muhammad Yousaf Mehar, Insurance consultant

I will be spending money but for the welfare of people in Pakistan and Syrian refugees. Eid stands for sacrifice and we should implement it in our lives by helping those in need.

Nabila al Naamani, Bank employee

I will be spending as usual. This is one of the few times of the year when we treat ourselves with the best. In fact, I have done some good shopping and I plan to do some more.

Anis Mohammad, Electrician

I have noticed that not many shop during this Eid and I am no exception. I will only be shopping for some basic items for my parents and send the rest of the money home.

Sabri al Musallami, Accountant

It is difficult to exercise caution while shopping during Eid. There are many things that are considered a necessity for the festival and one cannot do without them.

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