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Are you happy with the new fuel subsidy scheme?

Ahmed al Wahaibi, Branch manager

I thank His Majesty the Sultan for supporting Omanis and providing them a decent living. The new fuel subsidy scheme is not as rewarding as it is meant to be. It will have no impact if the price goes below 180bz.

Yahya Rashid, Storekeeper

Yes, I am happy with the scheme. It will help those paid less than RO600. However, setting a cap of RO600 and 200lt will not help many. Conditions have to be relaxed further so that people can get benefit.

Aiman Khalaf, Cashier

I am not quite happy because regular fuel is not good for all vehicles. Also, fixing an earning cap of RO600 is not a good idea because many people earn more than that.

Also, giving 200lt a month is not enough at all. I think the government subsidy amount allocated for the scheme is huge but it is not being used in the right way.

Khalid al Anqoudi, Government employee

I’m happy with the new fuel subsidy scheme. It will be beneficial for those whose earnings are below RO600.

Yosef al Balushi, Government employee

It hasn’t made any difference to me, neither will it make much to others.

Saif al Wahaibi, Government employee

I am not very happy because the price of fuel has been fixed at just 180bz a litre or less. I wished the support included other categories as well.

How will the scheme benefit you?

Khalid Najeem al Hatali, Government employee

This is a good initiative. It is good the government has put a cap on 200lt which is the average a person would require. More than that may be sold in the black market.

Mohammed al Mazroui, Businessman

I do not fall under the subsidy bracket. But many who travel from far off places for work will not be too happy. Also, we use a vehicle not only for travelling to workplace but for other purposes. Our public transport is yet to develop. But, I still appreciate the government’s move.

Salim Alshaqri, Head of Follow-Up Department

 It is a good move by the government. It will benefit some for sure. Our public transport system is still in the infancy stage and so people have to depend on their own vehicle. But, just 200lt of fuel is not enough.

Majid al Hosni, Entrepreneur

Yes, I will benefit from it. However, I think 200lt per month is not enough, especially for those who work in Muscat and live in the interiors. Such people drive down to their homes in the interiors over the weekends and it obviously means more fuel consumption.

Suleiman al Khalili, Student

 I am not eligible for the new scheme. But for those who fall under the bracket, it should surely help. As 200lt for a person is good enough.

Khamis Mohammed al Hatali, Hospitality sector

This gesture by the government shows the decision-makers have taken into consideration what the common man has been asking for. While the difference is only of a few baizas per litre, it can make a big difference in the long run.

Ali Mohammed Sulaiman al Zadjali, Government employee

 I feel 200lt is not enough for a month. People use their vehicles not only to go to their workplace but also to run errands. There are many who travel from far-off places for work in Muscat or vice versa. 

Zaid Najeem al Hatali, Government employee

 This decision and its implementation are welcome. The 200lt limit will encourage people to drive economically and/or opt for more fuel efficient vehicles. Hopefully, fuel prices for the rest of us will remain at current levels.

Omar Abdullah, Sales executive

 Yes, I think the cap is justified and fine. Oman is a country which is considerate towards its people and their welfare. Though international oil prices fluctuate local prices are always under control.

Saif Syed, Private sector employee

 It is a fair amount but I think that it will help people handle their daily expenses. However, this is fine only for a four-member family.

Saif al Harthy, Businessman

The salary cap is not fair as the day-to-day expenses are huge and soaring. It is tough for a family to survive.

Dr Seema al Raisi, Lecturer

 I do not fall in the income bracket under this scheme. But, this move has been taken in the right direction for sure. I think there will be amendments later. The 200lt cap is not an issue, but the price is.

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